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The Story of Geelong's 1963 Premiership 





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1963 - One bright light in decades of dreams

Geelong's 1963 success stands as the club's sole premiership triumph during a period of 'almosts' which dogged the Cats for half a century. Already the 2007, 2009 and 2011 seasons have been lauded appropriately in both print and electronic media. The decision to document the 1963 premiership year was made because there is little available marking that season. Primarily, this book aims to provide a tangible record for both the supporters of advancing years who were around at the time, and particularly for the players who made that landmark in history possible. The work is a tribute to those players who won that flag for the Geelong Football Club. The book prompts the memory of older readers and informs younger ones about what life was like back in 1963.
Daryl Somers provides the foreword. The narrative starts by describing the lead-up to the season, focusing especially on the 1962 finals series. A round-by-round analysis follows, culminating in the three dramatic matches against Hawthorn which gave Geelong the premiership. One of the features of the work is the inclusion of comments on what it was like for the footy fan of the day, such as standing in the outer, watching the archaic scoreboards for news of what was happening elsewhere, waiting for The Sporting Globe, and more. Vignettes of the players, featuring points which are not normally included in such descriptions, complete the picture.

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