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Croeso i'r Côr Cymraeg Wollongong ...

Wollongong Welsh Choir

Wollongong Welsh Choir does not rehearse at the moment. We normally sing traditional and modern,

in English as well as Welsh and welcome new members. Our songs are in four parts, so singers must be able to

follow a line of notes that are not always melody.

Ability to read music is desirable but not necessary. A three-week familiarisation period will give time to assess

a productive fit of voices.

We are a friendly group, so come along, Tuesday nights at the University, lecture theatre 107 just inside

Building 25 (Creative Arts).

You can call Pat Little (0432693630) or Paul Sharrad (0428790378).

The choir is available to perform at a variety of functions and venues, including multicultural events and

concerts, church gatherings, weddings, fairs, markets and retirement homes.

The choir sang at Sydney Opera House in 2005 and 2007.


The choir's repertoire ranges from traditional Welsh hymns and folk songs to popular songs from musicals.

Our Musical Directors are Mr. Andrew Hunt and Mr. Michael Sweeney Knapp.

Our pianist is Ms. Lisa Baraldi.




This information will be updated as soon as circumstances change

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Wollongong Welsh Choir

~ Picture Gallery ~

The choir at St Davids Church in Thirroul on St. David's Day 2020

Picture : Christine Robertson.

Wollongong Welsh Choir

~ Music ~

recorded by the choir

Our first CD, SHELTER has been followed (after a long delay) by a compilation called GWAHODDIAD. (translation: GREETING.)

To hear a sample ...click on the name of the track  

CD cover Gwahoddiad
Hafan Gobaith
Elizabethan Serenade
Bryn Calfaria
Ballade pour Adeline
You Raise me Up
Llwyn On
Suo Gan
O Holy Night
Anthem from Chess
Working Man
American Trilogy
The Prayer
Abide with Me
The Holy City
Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

CDs are available from Michael Sweeney-Knapp, $10 for one and the set of two for $15.

~ For Prospective Members ~


Delighted to see you rehearsing with us. We are as much a social group as we are musicians, so don't expect the strict discipline of bigger, more

professional choirs. We're here to enjoy ourselves!

However, we do perform in public and thus have to maintain some standards of singing and general management.

So a few things to note: 

You may be required to do an informal audition (if it's true that anyone can sing, it's not true that everyone can sing in tune well enough

to harmonise with others). If you've been in other choirs, this won't be needed.

You don't have to be Welsh (but it helps). The usual challenge for people is the language. Most of us are not Welsh speakers;

we go through the words for each new song and the rest we pick up over time.

Just remember that most choirs sing in some foreign language or other from time to time. We'll give you help as we go along, but do ask

when you're not sure. We can also arrange coaching sessions before or after practices.

(The main two things to remember are dd = th and ll is like the German ch with an L thrown in - shape your mouth to say an L and then

clear your throat!)

The choir is not a religious ensemble, but Welsh music is historically closely tied to church hymn-singing (even if it's at a rugby match!),

so regardless of your personal convictions, you should be prepared to bellow forth the occasional song about Calvary and Christian soldiers.

Music, accompanists, uniforms and publicity all cost money, so there is a membership fee. Currently this is $1.00 to have member voting rights

and two payments a year of $60 each time.

(This is about the same as most choirs, though others have a weekly rate or a concert-based rate.) Uniforms can be bought - sometimes

we have second-hand ones. See Pat for details. (Jackets, shirts and red ties for men, red tops for women; there's a fancier ¹formal' outfit, and

a casual polo shirt, but we use these less often.) You will need black shoes and trousers or a skirt as well.

Until you are sure you will be a regular member, you can borrow copies of the music at each rehearsal.

Please remember to return them before you leave. The full set will be two solid ring binders, one of Welsh and one of English songs.

They are filed more or less in alphabetical order. There are also separate sets for Christmas and for hymn-singing events. For concerts,

you will need to buy a black A4 folder with lots of clear plastic sleeves.

Music for the occasion goes into this, then gets filed back in the full set folders.

Concerts. We try to have something happening each month. Sometimes these are large paid performances,

sometimes they are ¹Cymanfa Ganu' (pronounced: "Gumanva Garni", traditional hymn-fest sing-alongs at churches), sometimes charity events,

and usually there's a folk festival each year that we are part of. Generally, events are on a Sunday; if you need transport, let us know. 

People to talk to: 

President: Michael Sweeney-Knapp

Vice President: Paul Sharrad

Secretary: Pat Little

Treasurer: Bruce Robertson

Musical Director: Andrew Hunt and Michael Sweeney-Knapp

Uniforms: Pat Little

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Wollongong Welsh Choir

~ Program ~

No events are scheduled in the near future.

~ Contacts ~

For more information and bookings, email us at:

or contact one of the following people ...


Michael Sweeney-Knapp
(President & Co-Musical Director)

254/210 Windang Road
NSW 2528
Mobile : 0412 718 392

email: msweeneyknapp@gmail.com


Andrew Hunt
(Co-Musical Director)

5 Ian Bruce Crescent
NSW 2519
Mobile : 0427 001 165

email: ajhunt2870@iinet.net.au


Pat Little

254/210 Windang Road
NSW 2528
Mobile : 0432 693 630
email: pat-little@outlook.com

Paul Sharrad
(Vice President)

86 Rixons Pass Road
Woonona NSW2517
Mobile : 0428 790 378
email: psharrad@uow.edu.au
Bruce Robertson
(Treasurer & Website maintenance)

16 Carlon Crescent
Farmborough Heights NSW 2526
Home: (02) 4272 6959. Mobile: 0403 500 184
email: bwrobertson@optusnet.com.au


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Wollongong Welsh Choir

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