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(DATV 446.5mhz DVB-T and DVB-S/S2 on 1286Mhz 4000 S/Rate and 3/4FEC)

NEWS UPDATE : New STB that can be manually set to 446.5 Mhz from Strong Model SRT 5432 see here 'STR 5432'

NEWS UPDATE : New satellite STB to be released soon Model SRT 4950E , ideal for DATV repeaters complete with signal indicator, see here 'STR 4950E'

NEWS UPDATE : The latest release of Vmix-20 available here 'Vmix 20 ( update'

NEWS UPDATE : HiDes is a leading provider for digital video transmission and playback equipment. 'Read all about it here'

NEWS UPDATE : The latest release of CQ-DATV PDF can be found here. 'CQ-DATV-Issue 57' is now available for March 2018, enjoy and Join us on FACEBOOK 'Facebook'

NEWS UPDATE : The latest Web Page for the Museum of Television Cameras is available here 'Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera'

NEWS UPDATE : Check out DATV-Express with Articles, Presentations and project files - 'DATV-Express'

NEWS UPDATE : Checkout the latest DATV transmitter from the BATC using DVB-S (MPEG 4) with full Range of Symbol-rates and output Frequencies 'PortsDown'

Brisbane Local NEWS UPDATE : Interested in 5.8Ghz ATV then look no further '5.6Ghz ATV'

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