Honours and Awards

We try to recognise players and judges who contribute to our community through roleplaying and judging. Our annual competitions recognise effort - the competition runs from December to November each year. Judges are scored by players and players are scored by judges. Our annual convention provides an opportunity to recognise judging and roleplaying under "pressure"!

We would like to honour the following players;

YearAnnual Competition -
"Sword of Honour"
Best Roleplayer
Annual Competition -
"Sword of Honour"
Best Judge
Convention Competition -
"Richard Priest Memorial Roleplaying Award"
Best Roleplayer
the Richard Priest Award
commenced in 2010
Convention Competition -
"The Black Dragon"
Best Judge
2002Ben KempChris GammageRaymond ChimNo category
2003Chris Gammage *Shaun TaboneStephen BlackNo category
2004Peter JullRobert HarradineJohn DeaguePeter Garden
2005Ben KempMark SpainBruce BellRichard Priest
2006Ben KempMark SpainMark SpainVic Skennerton
2007Dave GoveBen KempPhillipa Borland
Garry Cross
Ben Kemp
Ben Kemp
2008Dave GoveVic SkennertonDave MetcalfeTony Calder
2009Briallen CummingsGarry CrossBriallen Cummings
Michael Fanning
Zach Aandahl
2010Dave GoveLaurel KongDave GoveLaurel Kong
2011LFR - David Jacobs
PF - Angela Kemp
LFR - Laurel Kong
PF - Tony Calder
Angela Kemp
Briallen Cummings
Laurel Kong

* After an unkind and unsubstantiated comment by a losing player, Gammo no longer participates in any of the competitions.

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