The Order of the Black Dragon was first established by Androcles, legendary member of the "Clan of the Furious Owlbear", who established the Black Dragon Inn in Westgate, Dragon Coast in 1365DR. It is his Great Grandson Aramil who currently owns and runs the inn, in connection with a fine group of adventurers, who form the core of the adventuring company;


#NameRace/ClassPlayerRPGA #
01Aramil, ScribeEladrin WizardChris Gammage100299107
02Ol' SplinterboneDragonborn WarlordDavid Gove100304405
03DeseraeHuman WarlockJohn Grierson100142185
04Clarabel Human Fighter Vic Skennerton 100100608
05Perrin Human Rogue John Lynch 7208327378
06Bharger Dragonborn Paladin John Eccleston 100304461
07Tyroc Dwarven Warden Tony Calder 106015742
08Soulafein Drow Paladin James Layton 109526962
09Dayereth Eladrin Rogue Jai Andrew 141414418
10Kingsley Human Cleric Adam Hennessy 9210491569
11Deus X Warforged Invoker David Jacobs 1141061465
12Fate Fatale Warforged Fighter Shane Leong 141133980
13Magena Tala Tiefling Ranger Kevin Moore 1209494554
14Chivalry Half-elf Paladin Josh Shepherd 141435953
15Titan Warforged Fighter Keenan Toohey-Hennessy 9210492210
16Rigby Rumbledeep Dwarf Wizard Matthew Barker 109526558
17Finn Human Rogue Christian Bennett 106018243
18Kairon Tiefling Warlord Ben Flanagan 100480177
19Azmeran Dragonborn Warlock Jess MacNaught 9141062008
20Lysander Human Fighter Mark Sinclair 109517067
21AlexeiHuman AvengerMichael Aynsley7209502737

The Black Dragon Inn;

The inn is a rather large establishment considering others of its kind. It caters for a range of financial fortunes and it has a good reputation for the behaviour of its patrons. City Watch and Fire Knives are both welcomed, providing they obey the rules of the establishment. It is reputed that even the Shou have met here!

The shield over the mantle is what gives the inn its name - having been made from the hide of a fearsome Black Dragon, cut down by Androcles in mighty conflict! The centre of the shield sports the left eye of the beast itself.

Naturally such a place has many regulars who meet and drink here, taking advantage of its fine kitchen and its wide range of beverages. It is from these regulars that the Order of the Black Dragon was formed.

Unfortunately, the city of Watergate has not proven to be the venue the OBD had hoped. Whilst it intends to ensure that local offices are available in all major Dragon Coast cities, it seeks a suitable new home....


The OBD has spread further afield, establishing a new HQ in Teziir. The, previously unused, Temple to Helm has proven to be an interesting choice - an adventure in itself really!

Helm Map

As membership grows and the value of the OBD is realised, more and more sites will be required. Are you part of the plan?


To combat the growth of evil and unwelcome practices throughout the known world, but especially around the Dragon Coast.

Joining Requirements;

oHave adventured with a member of the company.
oHave proven to be a stalwart companion.
oBe recommended for membership.
oContribute 1gp to the poor box in the Inn.
oProvide required details to the Scribe for the membership log.

Withdrawal of Membership;

Any breach of the stated purpose of the OBD can result in membership benefits being withdrawn.

Adventuring Company Benefits (General);

If your character joins an adventuring company, make sure to note it on your adventure log and character sheet. From that point forward, your character gains two important benefits. As the campaign progresses, more benefits may be revealed for adventuring companies.

* Gain a bonus action point for the group when playing at an adventuring company table. Whenever a group has at least 4 members of the same adventuring company playing at the same table, the group gains a bonus action point to be used during the adventure. The action point is used just like a normal action point, although it does not count against the user's action point expenditure for the encounter. All effects that trigger off of action point use trigger off of the use of the bonus action point. The bonus action point can be spent by anyone at the table, but a majority of the group must agree on the expenditure. Once the action point is spent, it is gone for the remainder of the adventure. Your group can only have one bonus action point in this manner.

* Participate in special adventuring company challenges and events.

Adventuring Company Benefits (OBD);

oThe company and fellowship of fine companions.
oAccess to private meeting rooms in the Inn.
oAn opportunity to be part of an Action Team within the order.

Action Teams;

An action team is a special team that often adventures together. Perhaps the PC's have spent many hours in the company of each other, maybe they fought that monster together, perhaps they come from the same town. The action team can give itself a title within the Order. However, there are specific rules.

- Action Teams can play together when POSSIBLE. This possibility is up to the discretion of the Senior GM.
- Action Team members cannot exclude other PC's from playing on their table.
- Action Teams can be any size larger than one PC.
- Action Teams will send their membership list to the scribe. The last list received by the scribe will be the current list.


Email Aramil, the Company Scribe.