About me

This website is dedicated to my fiction writing efforts: partly a showcase, partly for extra material (e.g. maps if I ever get around to them). At the moment all my writing appears on the Harper-Collins web site for authors, Authonomy.

You do not have to be a member to read books on Authonomy, but membership is free, and you need to be a member to rate or comment on works.

Jack Stockley is a nom-de-plume: all works on the wesbite are copyright © Jack Stockley, 2013.

Famous By My Sword

Sometimes not even the God of Lies can see past all deceptions

The Heartstone of Dy'olf

Betrayal leads to a hunt for vengeance; a theft to a chase across the roof of the world before darkness is set free.

This novella is two of the character back stories from 'Famous By My Sword', modified into a coherent work.