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Welcome to the
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The Creativity Web is a resource center giving you information to help you become more creative. Resources are numerous and include books, software, and techniques. Additional resources are included to stimulate your thinking: quotations, affirmations and humour.

You, as an individual, can make a difference in this world!

There's a lot of information out there, and knowledge is always growing. The World Wide Web is a relatively new medium for disseminating this information and creating a global community of creative people.

You may think that creativity is a gift reserved for a select group of people. Armed with useful information, techniques and regular practice, we can all be creative in our own unique ways. A new recipe, a story, painting or a major invention are some examples.

Say to yourself right now: "I am a creative person".

The New Renaissance In his book "I am Right, You are Wrong", Edward de Bono describes the New Renaissance that supersedes the right/wrong view of the world as discovered by the Ancient Greeks. The new thinking habits are based directly on how the human brain works, and in particular, how the way the brain perceives the world.

Similar sentiments are expressed by Tony Buzan in the introduction to his "Book of Genius, and How to Unleash your Own":

"One of our hopes [for this book] is that it will raise the general global awareness of Intelligence, Mental Literacy and Genius. It will contribute to the new Renaissance of the Mind that has already begun and will flower in the 21st Century....nurture (proper education and environment) is more important than nature (genetic make-up) in determining genius."
The Creative Revolution
the Third Wave
Richard Buckminster Fuller ("Bucky") was this century's Renaissance Man. In response to the political systems being incapable of solving the world's problems, he announced a "design science revolution", and invented the idea of "comprehensive anticipatory design science" to allow the world's resources to be fairly distributed among all people, and war made obsolete. There is much to learn from Fuller.

The pace of change is increasing each year. Alvin Toffler is a futurist who documented his analysis in Future Shock, Third Wave and Powershift. He says:

"If we are to prepare for the Future, we should understand the changes taking place and what the future might hold".
It is therefore highly desirable to learn how to think creatively to keep up with change. Knowing about the future is important because it can help us prepare for it. Buckminster Fuller planned 25 years ahead.
Creativity is the next economic activity The Nomura Institute's proposition is that creativity will be the next economic activity, replacing the current focus on information. Historically, agriculture, industrial production and information were the dominant spheres of human economic activity. This prediction places creativity in the category of historically significant paradigms that have shaped human economic history from the beginning of time. Just as the industrial revolution replaced agriculture as the dominant economic activity, creativity will replace the "information age" as the next dominant global economic focus. Maybe Toffler's "Third Wave" will be overtaken with this new "Fourth Wave"...
About the Webmaster Charles Cave works in the software industry and has been interested in creativity since he took up photography in his teenage years. The first creative questions he pondered where "What constitutes a great photograph?" and "How can I make an artistic photograph?".

The software industry has always demanded innovation and creativity, and Charles followed a self-designed learning program of reading all the available books on the subject and listening to several cassette tape programs. He was an early contributor to the misc.creativity USENET newsgroup and wrote a a history of the misc.creativity newsgroup. The Creativity Web grew from the newsgroup.


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Who knows what the future will hold for Creativity on the Internet?.

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