What's new on the Creativity Web?

7th May 2005
Updated Dilip Mukerjea's page (Brain-Dancing) with web site details, and Sylvie LaBelle's contact details.
29th December 2003
Site rehosted at Optusnet. MIgration process beginning, as well as site reviewed.
8th September 2003
Published a new section on Idea Recording.
19th April 2003
Updated Dilip Mukerjea's page and added information on his latest books. Added information on the ConceptDraw MINDMAP program.
1st October 2002
Added the Spiritual Doodles and Mental Leapfrogs book which includes a link to the Spiritual Doodles web site. The Tony Buzan author page updated with a photograph and revised description.
30th July 2002
Added the Memory page. Refreshed the Children's page and removed stale links. Updated the Drawing page with information on Dr Betty Edwards's web site.
4th June 2002
Updated the Mind Mapping page removing dead links and adding new information on Nancy Margulies and Peter Russell.
20th April 2002
Added a review of the TreePad software as well as in interview with the creator of the program
30th January 2002
Completely revamped the Genius Gallery.
25th May 2001
Added details of Dilip Mukerjea's latest book, Surfing the Intellect - Building Intellectual Capital for a Knowledge Economy.
19th April 2001
Added details of Peter Leong's book, I Can Cre8!
14th March 2001
Updated the web site page with information on ASIT (Advanced Structured Inventive Thinking).
14th February 2001
Mind Map page updated including details of Mindmapping training in Australia in March 2001.
28th December 2000
Book section updated to include links to Amazon books to provide further reviews, and a convenient way to order books.
Added Creativity in Public Relations, a new book by Andy Green.
14th June 2000
ThoughtPath software details added. This program used to be called MindLink.
25th April 2000
Added the PAO Thinking page by Dr Rodney King in the United Kingdom.

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