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Born in 1933, Edward de Bono attended St Edward's College, Malta, during the war, and then Malta University. Having obtained a degree in Medicine, he then proceeded as a Rhodes Scholar to Christ Church, Oxford, where he gained an honours degree in psychology and physiology and then a D. Phil. in Medicine. He also holds a Ph.D from Cambridge and has held appointments at the universities of Oxford, London, Cambridge and Harvard.

Dr Edward de Bono is widely regarded internationally as the leading thinker about thinking. He has written over fifty (50) books, with translations into twenty-seven languages.

What is unique about Edward de Bono is that he works with school-children, senior executives in major corporations and with governments. His ideas are based on an understanding of the mind as a self-organising information system.


Dr de Bono has provided such thinking methods as ...


    1. The Use of Lateral Thinking (also published as New Think) (1967)
    2. The Five Day Course in Thinking (1968)
    3. The Mechanism of Mind (1969)
    4. The Dog Exercising Machine (1970)
    5. Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step (1970)
    6. Technology Today (1971)
    7. Practical Thinking (1971)
    8. Lateral Thinking for Management (1971)
    9. Children Solve Problems (1972)
    10. Po: Beyond Yes and No (1972)
    11. Eureka: A History of Inventions (1974)
    12. Teaching Thinking (1976)
    13. The Greatest Thinkers - 30 minds that shaped our civilisation (1976)
    14. Wordpower (1977)
    15. The Happiness Purpose (1977)
    16. Opportunities (1978)
    17. Future Positive (1979)
    18. Atlas of Management Thinking (1981)
    19. Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve Them
    20. de Bono's Thinking Course (1982) Reissued 1994
    21. The CoRt Thinking Program
    22. Tactics - The Art and Science of Success (1984)
    23. Six Thinking Hats (1985)
    24. Letters to thinkers (1982 - 1987)
    25. I am Right, You are Wrong (1990)
    26. Sur/Petition (1990)
    27. Handbook for the Positive Revolution (1991)
    28. Six Action Shoes (1991)
    29. Serious Creativity (1992)
    30. Teach Your Child How to Think (1992)
    31. Water Logic (1993)
    32. Parallel Thinking - From Socratic Thinking to de Bono Thinking (1994)
    33. Teach Yourself to Think (1994)
    34. Mind Pack (1995)
    35. Textbook of Wisdom (1996)
    36. de Bono's Code Book
    37. Why I Want to be King of Australia
    38. Why So Stupid? More information at the Why So Stupid site, and a section of de Bono's site www.edwarddebono.com


The National Center for Creativity and Innovation in Indianapolis organise seminars in the USA, as well as being the umbrella organisation for Dr de Bono's World Center for New Thinking.

Training and Certification

Training in Edward de Bono's methods can be obtained by contacting:

  APTT (Advanced Practical Training, Inc.)
Attention: Kathy Myers
Official Edward de Bono Thinking Methods
10520 New York Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50322
Phone number: 515-278-5570
USA Toll Free: 1-800-621-3366
Email: KThink@Aol.com
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