Coping with Daily Distractions

How can one cope with the distractions of daily life that inhibit or deflect creativity (for example, child care, elderly parents care, dull job, ill health, etc.)?

Set aside a special thinking time or thinking place. Maybe a corner of a room at home where you could indulge listening to soothing music, use or buy a flotation tank, go running in the morning, take up yoga, mediation, tai-chi or some similar meditative activity.

Get involved with children's activities; you may find that some toys aid the creative thinking process. Jig-saw puzzles (for spatial thinking), building blocks, drawing, role-playing/acting, just talking and asking questions, all contribute to creative thought and practice.

Gaming, as a hobby, can improve problem solving and creative skills. There are many types of games that involve intellectual thought and creative solution; investigate miniatures, board games, card games, computer games and simulations, and so forth. Much creative exercise can be found in such activities.

Try and use daily distractions to practice being creative. If you can take something dull or monotonous and play with it, it will become more interesting to you. There will be times when you can't make the extra effort, but it is very unlikely that in your entire day you can't find some activity you can make new to yourself. For the specific of child care - encouraging your kids' creativity along with your own would be wonderful. It will help their identity building and self-worth and will be a lot of fun if you let it. Recognize the inherent creativity in children and profit from exposure to their novel solutions to common problems in daily life.

The distractions of daily life can be reframed as challenges that require your creative abilities to meet. Your day to day routines afford the most common opportunities for you to be creative. In fact, if you take stock of a typical week, you will find that you have indeed been very creative in solving many of the problems that confront you. Of course, we tend not to notice this. You may even tell yourself that what you do is not creative at all. Be careful what you tell yourself. You may begin believing it.

Coping with the distractions and necessities of daily life is a major challenge for most of us. But just as we find the time to eat and sleep, we need to find the time to ignite our creativity. Is it not possible to find one hour per day to spend exploring our talents and finding our creative path?

Loosing our creative energies due to the distractions of daily life has a lot to do with focal and conscious attention. In our very stressful society, we do not learn much about focusing attentively and retrospectively onto something, onto what we are doing. Meditation can be a very good way to help to be more attentive and thus creative.

I heard a story about a doctor's office that placed large nuts and bolts in their waiting room and found that noone complained about waiting.

If you want to relax....go fishing.

Learn to incorporate the imagination into every activity, to use your creative talents to improve your daily life.

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Last updated: 4th August 1999