I Can Cre8!

Peter Leong

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Year Published: 2001

Peter Leong's book will show you how to change the way you have always thought to hrlp you become a more creative thinker. His book makes the magic of creativity accessible to everyone by including a variety of inspirational stories (famous and not so famous people), practical strategies, and creative thinking techniques.

While many books focus on techniques, the author focuses on other aspects including behavioural traits like problem-sensitivity, flexibility of thoughts and self-esteem. The book contains a lot of stories because stories inspire.

Brief tour of the book There are two main sections of the book: The Creative Person and The Creative Proess. The traits of a creative person are examined: curiosity, flexibility of thoughts, problem sensitivity and originality and fluency of ideas. Stories of Colonel Sanders (KFC), Mrs (Debbie) Fields illustrate these traits. The Innovation Cycle and Multiple Intelligences are also explored.

In the Creative Process section the author offers five principles in generating new ideas: The ability to be absurd, No criticism from within or without, build on the ideas of others, quantity of ideas is more important than quality of ideas, and extract principles relating to ideas generated.

Techniques explored are Brainwriting, Asking "Why" and "IWWMI (In What Ways May I...)", Attrtibute listing, SCAMPER, Multiple Uses, Home Base and two paradigm breaking techniques.

Finally a framework for creativity is given which the author names CPSP but is very close to the Osborn-Parnes CPS framework.

Comments: Peter's book is good reading and well suited to help people become more creative. I would like to have seen more illustrations and cartoons to break up the text. The use of the Cre8 word instead of Creative is a bit corny and becming cliched, but the author does point out the positive associations of the number 8 with Chinese thinking, so this could be a good thing.

About the Author Peter Leong is the course developer of the Creativity @ Work programs offered by the Singapore Civil Service College, institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM). Peter's company IC2 Trainign Consultancy Private Limited of Singapore, continues to work alongside with IPAM offering the series of creativity training. Peter can be contacted by email at icancre8@hotmail.com

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Updated: Thursday, 19 April 2001
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