Creativity in Public Relations

Andy Green

Publisher: Kogan Page
Year Published: 1999
ISBN: 0749429380 Browse/Buy

Andy Green is a UK public relations (PR) professional and has written this book specifically for the PR industry. The book offers practical examples based on the research of those in the PR industry who are regarded by their peers as 'creative'. The reader is guided through methods of using and managing a range of techniques and tips to generate ideas.

As a non-PR person, I (Charles Cave) read the book in November 2000 and found it most informative. I read and watch advertising, participate in public relations activities and often wonder how people come up with ideas to promote products and services. This is of course, the job of the public relations professional. Andy Green has given me some insights into his industry and how he applies creativity.

The beauty of this book is that it pitches the topic of creativity in the language of PR with many examples. The author starts by reviewing definitions of creativity (talent, process, product) and then presents a PR-focused definition focusing on creativity as adding value. This is after all, what a client expects.

Some myths on creativity are debunked, and then the metaphor of Green Light/Red Light thinking is introduced. The Creative Process is explained in terms of the five 'Is' of the creative process: information, incubation, illumination, integration and illustration.

Some creative techniques are explained under the topic of Green Light Thinking and idea evaluation covered in Red Light Thinking. The remaining chapters cover obstacles to creativity, the creative individual and the creative organisation.

I think this book should be essential reading for PR professionals (and a wider audience) to gain an understanding of creativity. The author has provided a good selection of books, courses, organisations and web sites for further study.

More information is available at Andy Green's company's web site.

Updated: Thursday, 19 April 2001
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