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I recently read Gregg Fraley's business novel about Creative Problem Solving, Jack's Notebook. He describes the Creative Problem Solving process using a story to demonstrate the techniques. I recommmend this book to anyone who wants to learn about CPS by seeing the techniques in action.

Read my review and links to Gregg Fraley's web site.


The Care and Feeding of Ideas
James L. Adams
Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass. (1986)

Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas.
James L. Adams
Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley (1986)
ISBN: Browse/Buy

Brain Power - Learn to Improve your Thinking Skills
Karl Albrecht
Prentice-Hall (1980)

The Creative Corporation
Karl Albrecht
Dow-Jones-Irwin, Homewood, IL (1987)

Creativity As An Exact Science
Genrikh Altshuller
Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, New York (1988)

Creativity and its Cultivation
Harold Anderson (ed)
New York: Harper & Row (1959)

Creativity, The Magic Synthesis.
Sylvano Arieti
Basic Books, New York (1976)

Aha! 10 Ways to Free Your Creative Spirit and find your great ideas
Jordan Ayan
Random House (1997)
ISBN: 0517884003 Browse/Buy

The Care and Feeding of Ideas
Bill Backer
Times Books, Random House (1993)

Using Your Brain - for a Change
Richard Bandler
Real People Press (1985)

How To Profit From Your Ideas: Make Your Ideas Work.
Flemming Bank
Aston-Hill Book Company [distributor], Portland, OR (1985)

Business Creativity - A Guide For Managers
Paul Birch and Brian Clegg
Kogan Page, London (1995)

BROKEN CRAYONS: Break Your Crayons and Draw Outside the Lines
Robert Alan Black, Ph.D.

The Creative Mind - Myths and Mechanisms
Margaret Boden
Abacus (1990)

Masterthinker's Handbook: A Guide to Innovative Thinking
Edward de Bono

The Use of Lateral Thinking (also published as New Think)
Edward de Bono

Mechanism of Mind
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1968)

The Five Day Course in Thinking
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1968)

Lateral Thinking - Creativity Step by Step
Edward De Bono
Perennial Library (1970)

Practical Thinking
Edward de Bono

Po: Beyond Yes and No
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1972)

Teaching Thinking
Edward de Bono

The Greatest Thinkers - the thirty minds that shaped our civilisation
Edward de Bono
Weidenfeld and Nicolson London (1976)

Happiness Purpose
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1977)

Edward de Bono

Edward de Bono

Future Positive
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1979)

Atlas of Management Thinking
Edward de Bono
Maurice Temple Smith Limited (1981)

Six Thinking Hats
Edward de Bono
Little, Brown and Company (1985)

The CoRT Thinking Program
Edward De Bono
SRA, Easterville, Ohio (1986)

Letters to Thinkers
Edward de Bono
Harrap (1987)
ISBN: 0245545751 Browse/Buy

Edward de Bono

I Am Right, You Are Wrong
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1990)

Handbook for the Positive Revolution
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1991)

Six Action Shoes
Edward de Bono
Harper Collins (1991)

Serious Creativity
Edward De Bono
Harper Business (1992)

Teach Your Child How to Think
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1992)

Water Logic
Edward de Bono
Viking Penguin (1993)

Parallel Thinking - From Socratic to de Bono Thinking
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1994)

Mind Pack
Edward de Bono

Teach Yourself to Think
Edward de Bono
Penguin (1995)

Textbook of Wisdom
Edward de Bono
Penguin/Viking (1996)

The Creators: A History of Heroes of the Imagination
Daniel J. Boorstin
Random House

Fire in the Crucible
John Briggs
Jeremy P. Tarcher
ISBN: 0874775477 Browse/Buy

Working Creatively with Young Children
Broinowski, Ian
Self-published (1997)

Actual Minds, Possible Worlds
Jerome Bruner
Cambridge, MA: Harvard (1986)
ISBN: 0674003667 Browse/Buy

Use Both Sides of Your Brain.
Tony Buzan
New York: Plume (1991)

The Mind Map Book
Tony Buzan with Barry Buzan
Dutton (1994)

Buzan's Book of Genius and how to Unleash your own
Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene
Random House (1994)

The Artist's Way - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Julia Cameron
G. P. Putnam's Sons (1992)
ISBN: 0874776945 Browse/Buy

The Right to Write - An invitation and initiation into the writing life
Julia Cameron
ISBN: 1585420093 Browse/Buy

The Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers
Doubleday (1988)

Breakthrough Creativity!
Marlene Caroselli
Quality Resources, White Plains, NY (1994)

Time, Narrative, and History
David Carr
Bloomington: U. of Indiana Press
ISBN: 0253206030 Browse/Buy

Explorabook - A Kid's science museum in a box
John Cassidy

ISBN: 1878257145 Browse/Buy

The Creative Spirit
Daniel Coleman, Paul Kaufman, and Michael Ray
A Dutton Book (1992)

Get Out of Your Thinking Box; 365 Ways to Brighten Your Life & Enhance Your Creativity
Lindsay Collier
Robert Reed Publishers (San Francisco) (1994)
ISBN: 1885003013 Browse/Buy

The Whack-A-Mole Theory: Creating Breakthrough and Transformation in Organizations
Lindsay Collier
WhAM Books (1994)
ISBN: 1575820412 Browse/Buy

The Magic of Conflict
Thomas F. Crum
Touchstone, Simon & Shuster (1987)
ISBN: 0671638181 Browse/Buy

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Harper & Row (1991)
ISBN: 0060920432 Browse/Buy

The Evolving Self
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Harper Perennial (1993)
ISBN: 0060921927 Browse/Buy

Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
ISBN: 0060928204 Browse/Buy

Quantum Learning: Unleashing the Genius in You
Bobbi DePorter with Mike Hernacki
Dell Publishing (Bantam Doubleday) (1992)
ISBN: 0440504279 Browse/Buy

Tools for Dreamers
Robert Dilts, Todd Epstein, Robert W. Dilts
Meta Publications, Cupertino CA
ISBN: 0916990265 Browse/Buy

The Woman's Book of Creativity
C. Diane Ealy, Ph.D.
Words Publishing Inc (1995)

Drawing on the Artist Within
Betty Edwards
Simon & Shuster, Inc. (1987)
ISBN: 067163514X Browse/Buy

The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Betty Edwards
Harper Collins (1999)
ISBN: 0874774241 Browse/Buy

Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman
Richard P. Feynman
Bantam Books

The IdeaFisher
Marsh Fisher
Peterson's Pacesetter Books (1995)

Creative People
Winston Fletcher
Business Books, London (1990)

The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox
Richard Fobes
Solutions Through Innovation, Corvallis, OR (1995)
ISBN: 0963222104 Browse/Buy

The Path of Least Resistance
Robert Fritz
New York: Ballantine (1984)
ISBN: 044990337-0 Browse/Buy

Robert Fritz
New York: Ballantine (1991)

The Idea of Ideas
Robert W. Galvin
Schaumburg, Illinois: Motorola University Press (1991)

Creating Minds
Howard Gardner
Basic Books (1994)
ISBN: 0465014542 Browse/Buy

The Creative Process, A Symposium
Brewster Ghiselin, Editor
New American Library , Mentor Books (1963)

W.J. J. Gordon
Harper & Row (1961)

Creativity in Public Relations
Andy Green
Kogan Page (1999)
ISBN: 0749429380 Browse/Buy

Empowering Innovative People
Karl Gretz and Steven Drozdeck
Chicago: Probus Publ. Co
ISBN: 1557382654 Browse/Buy

The Grace of Great Things: Creativity and Innovation
Robert Grudin
Ticknor & Fields (1990)
ISBN: 0395588685 Browse/Buy

Jump Start Your Brain
Doug Hall with David Wecker
Warner Books (1995)

Creativity, Talent and Personality
Emanuel F. Hammer, Ph.D.
Robert E. Krieger Publishing Company

Maps of the Mind
Charles Hampden-Turner
New York: Macmillan Publishing. (1981)

Wake up your Creative Genius
Kurt Hanks and Jay Parry
William Kaufmann (1983)

Rapid Vis: A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas.
Hanks & Belliston
Los Altons, California: Crisp Publications. (1990)

Higher Creativity
Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold
Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. (1984)

A practical guide to Leadership Coaching
Kirsty Hayes
The Learning Attitude (1999)

The Creative Brain
Ned Hermann

The Key to Genius: Manic-Depression and the Creative Life
Prometheus (1988)

101 Creative Problem Solving Techniques
James M. Higgins
The New Management Publishing Company, Winter Park, FL (1994)
ISBN: 1883629004 Browse/Buy

Godel, Escher & Bach
Douglas R. Hofstadter
Basic Books (1979)

The Mind's I
Douglas R. Hofstadter (& Daniel Dennett)

Metamagical Themas
Douglas R. Hofstadter
Basic Books (1985)

The Creative Encounter
Rosemary Holsinger, Camille Jordan & Leon Levenson
Scott, Foresman and Company (1971)

Frontiers of Creativity Research.
Isaksen, Scott G., ed
Buffalo, New York, Bearly Limited (1987)

Managing Creativity
John J. Kao
New Jersey: Prentice Hall (1991)

Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity
John Kao
Harper Collins (1996)

How To Zig In A Zagging World
John M. Keil
Wiley, New York (1988)

The Rational Manager
Kepner, C.H. and B.B. Tregoe
McGraw-Hill (1965)

The Art and Science of Creativity
George Kneller
New York: Holt, Rinehard and Winston (1965)

The New Universal Traveler
Don Koberg and Jim Bagnall
William Kaufmann, Inc.

The Act of Creation
Arthur Koestler
MacMillan, New York (1967)

If It Ain't Broke ... Break It!
Robert J. Kriegel and Louis Patler
Warner Books (1991)

Generating Creativity And Innovation In Large Bureaucracies
Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Editor.
Quorum Books, Westport, Conn. (1993)

Project Mind - The Conscious Conquest of Man and Matter Through Accelerated Thought
T. Kun

Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things
George Lakoff
Chicago: U of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022646803 Browse/Buy

Breakpoint and Beyond
George Land and Beth Jarman
HarperBusiness (1992)

Peter's Quotations: Ideas for our Times
Peter Laurence
New York: Morrow (1977)

Michael LeBoeuf
McGraw Hill (1980)

Playful Perception: Choosing How to Experience Your World
Herbert L. Leff
Burlington, VT: Waterfront Books (1984)

I Can Cre8!
Peter Leong
Prentice Hall (2001)

Creative Problem Solving
Edward & Monika Lumsdaine
McGraw Hill (1995)

Patrick T. Magee

Mapping Inner Space - Learning and Teaching Mind Mapping
Nancy Margulies
Hawker Brownlow Education (1992)
ISBN: 091370556X Browse/Buy

Advertising creativity: Techniques For Generating Ideas
James L. Marra
Prentice Hall, N.J. (1990)

The Farther Reaches of Human Nature
Abraham H. Maslow
Penguin Books

The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music
W. A. Mathieu
Boston: Shambhala (1991)
ISBN: 0877736103 Browse/Buy

99% Inspiration
Bryan W. Mattimore
Amacom (American Management Association) (1994)

The Courage to Create
Rollo May
Bantam Books (1975)

Why Didn't I think of that?
Charles McCoy
Prentice Hall (2002)

Thunderbolt Thinking
Grace McGartland
ISBN: 0963278509 Browse/Buy

You don't have to go home from work exhausted!
Ann McGee-Cooper with Duane Trammell & Barbara Lau
Ann McGee-Cooper and Associates, Inc

Thinking Visually, A Strategy Manual for Problem Solving
Robert H. McKim
Lifetime Learning Publications

Experiences in Visual Thinking
Robert McKim
Brooks-Cole (1972)

Thinking about Thinking
Clark McKowen
William Kaufmann, Inc. (1986)

Michael Michalko
10-Speed Press (1991)
ISBN: 0898154081 Browse/Buy

ThinkPak - A Brainstorming Card Deck
Michael Michalko
Ten Speed Press (1994)
ISBN: 0898156076 Browse/Buy

Cracking Creativity - The Secrets of Creative Genius
Michael Michalko
Ten Speed Press (1998)
ISBN: 089815913X Browse/Buy

The Creative Edge
William Miller
Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley Publishing, (1987)

Creating Workforce Innovation
Michael Morgan
Business and Professional Publishing (1993)

Superbrain - Train your Brain and Unleash the Genius Within
Dilip Mukerjea
Oxford University Press (Singapore) (1996)

Dilip Mukerjea
Oxford University Press (Singapore) (1997)

Dilip Mukerjea
Oxford University Press (Singapore) (1997)

Surfing the Intellect
Dilip Mukerjea
The Brainware Press (Singapore) (2001)

Free Play: The Power Of Improvisation In Life And The Arts
Stephen Nachmanovitch
Los Angeles: Jeremy Tarcher (1990)
ISBN: 0874776317 Browse/Buy

Breakthrough Thinking in Total Quality Management
Glen D. Hoffherr, John W. Moran, Gerald Nadler
Prentice Hall (1994)
ISBN: 0130908207 Browse/Buy

Breakthrough Thinking
Gerald Nadler and Shozo Hibino
Prima Publishing (1994)
ISBN: 1559584211 Browse/Buy

Creative Solution Finding
Gerald Nadler and Shozo Hibino with John Farrell
Prima Publishing (1995)
ISBN: 1559585676 Browse/Buy

The Innovator's Handbook - Problem Solving, Communication & Teamwork
Vincent Nolan
Sphere Books

The Design of Everyday Things
Donald A. Norman
New York: Doubleday Currency (1988)
ISBN: 0385267746 Browse/Buy

The Genese Diary - Report from a Trappist Monastery
Henry Nouwen
Phoenix Press (1976)

The Art of Creative Thinking
Robert Olson
Perennial Library (1986)

Applied Imagination
Alex F. Osborn
Scribner's (1953)

Your Creative Power
Alex Osborn
Schaumburg, Illinois: Motorola University Press (1991)

Creating Shared Vision
Marjorie Parker
Clarendon Hills, IL: Dialog Int. (1990)
ISBN: 0963000004 Browse/Buy

Sidney Parnes
D.O.K. Publishers (1988)

Source Book for Creative Problem Solving
Sidney Parnes, Ed..
Buffalo, NY. Creative Education Foundation. (1992)

The Mind's Best Work
D. N. Perkins
Harvard University PB (1981)

Creativity, Innovation, and Quality
Paul Plsek
ASQ Quality Press (1997)
ISBN: 0873894049 Browse/Buy

Creative Growth Games/More Creative Growth Games
Eugene Raudsepp
Harvest/HBJ, 1977/1980 (1980)

How to Sell Your New Ideas
Eugene Raudsepp and Joseph C. Yeager
Prentice-Hall (1981)

Creativity in Business
Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers
DoubleDay (1986)
ISBN: 0385248512 Browse/Buy

The Personal Journey Workbook
Mary Rocamora and Ron Koertge
Rocamora School, Los Angeles, CA

The Creativity Question
Albert Rothenberg and Carl Hausman
Duke University Press (1976)

Art Synectics
Nicholas Roukes
Massachusetts: Davis Publications (1982)

The Brain Book
Peter Russell
Dutton (1979)

Computer-Aided Creativity: a Guide For Engineers...
Ben-Zion Sandler
Van Nostrand Reinhold, Publishers, NY (1994)

Brain Power ('Brain Building' in USA and Canada)
Marilyn vos Savant & Leonore Fleischer
Piatkus (London) (1992)

The Creative Attitude
Roger Schank with Peter Childers
MacMillan (1988)
ISBN: 0026071703 Browse/Buy

Reconnecting With Nature
F. Richard Schneider, Ph.D.
Project Nature Connect (1995)

The Fifth Discipline
Peter M. Senge
Currency Books (1990)

Uncommon Genius
Denise Shekerjian

Design Your Future - Live Your Vision in the Ever-Changing Learning Society
Paul Siegel
Learning Society Publications (1995)
ISBN: 0962376965 Browse/Buy

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers
Paul Sloane
ISBN: 0806982276 Browse/Buy

The Creative Cognition Approach
Steven M. Smith, Thomas B. Ward, and Ronald A. Finke (ed)
Bradford (1995)

Creativity and the Mind: Discovering the Genius Within
Thomas B. Ward, Ronald A. Finke, and Steven M. Smith
Plenum Publishing Company (1995)
ISBN: 0306450860 Browse/Buy

Creative Cognition: Theory, Research, and Applications
Ronald A. Finke, Thomas B. Ward, and Steven M. Smith
Bradford (1996)

The Nature of Creativity
Robert J. Sternberg, Editor
Cambridge University Press (1988)

Solitude: A Return To The Self
Anthony Storr
New York: Free Press (1988)

The Holographic Universe
Michael Talbot
HarperCollins (1991)

Created in Japan
Sheridan M. Tatsuno
Harper Business (1990)
ISBN: 0887304923 Browse/Buy

What a Great Idea! Key Steps Creative People Take
Charles "Chic" Thompson
Harper Perennial (1992)
ISBN: 0060969016 Browse/Buy

Yes, But.... The Top 40 Killer Phrases and how to fight them
Charles "Chic" Thompson
Harper Business (1993)
ISBN: 0887306608 Browse/Buy

Think Out of the Box
Mike Vance & Diane Deacon
Career Press (1995)
ISBN: 1564141861 Browse/Buy

Raise the Bar: Creative Strategies to Take Your Business & Personal life to the next level
Mike Vance
ISBN: 1564143929 Browse/Buy

Training your creative mind
Arthur B. VanGundy
Prentice-Hall (1982)

Idea Power
Dr. Arthur B. VanGundy
Amacom div of American Management Association (1992)
ISBN: 0814450458 Browse/Buy

Brain Boosters for Business Advantage
Arthur VanGundy
Pfeiffer / Jossey-Bass, Inc. (1995)
ISBN: 0893842672 Browse/Buy

A Kick in the Seat of the Pants
Roger von Oech
Perenial Library (1986)
ISBN: 0060960248 Browse/Buy

A Whack on the Side of the Head
Roger von Oech
Warner Books (1990)
ISBN: 0446380008 Browse/Buy

Creative Whack Pack (Card deck)
Roger von Oech
ISBN: 0880793589 Browse/Buy

Creative People At Work : 12 Cognitive Case Studies
Doris B. Wallace, Howard E. Gruber, eds.
Oxford University Press, New York (1989)

Creativity, Beyond the Myth of Genius
Weisberg, Robert W.
New York: W. H. Freeman and Co. (1993)

The Heart Aroused
David Whyte
Currency/Doubleday USA $11.95 (paperback) (1995)
ISBN: 0385484186 Browse/Buy

How to Solve Problems
Wayne Wickelgren
W. H. Freeman and Company (1974)

Unleashing the Right Side of the Brain - The Larc Creativity Program
Robert H. Williams, Ph. D & John Stockmyer
Stephen Green Press (distributed by Viking Penguin) (1987)
ISBN: 0828906203 Browse/Buy

Pumping Ions, Games and Exercises to Flex Your Mind
Tom Wujec
Doubleday Canada Ltd (1988)
ISBN: 0385247494 Browse/Buy

Five Star Mind - Games and Puzzles to stimulate your creativity & imagination
Tom Wujec
Doubleday (1995)
ISBN: 0385414625 Browse/Buy

Information Anxiety
Richard Saul Wurman
ISBN: 0385243944 Browse/Buy

Mindmapping - Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving
Joyce Wycoff
Berkley Publishing Group (1991)
ISBN: 042512780X Browse/Buy

Thinking for Every Member of Your Organization
Joyce Wycoff and Tim Richardson
Berkley Publishing Group (1995)
ISBN: 0425143740 Browse/Buy

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