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Surfing the Intellect

Dilip Mukerjea (Link to Author Page)

Publisher: The Brainware Press (Singapore)
Year Published: 2001

Dilip's latest pack is a colourful, engaging work of 448 pages filled with practical information, diagrams, mind maps, quizzes and action plans. His goal is the development of your intellectual capital and to stimulate your thinking.

This is the age propelled by competitive innovation. Are you yearning to create?

Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? Or are you imprisoned within the status quo? Is the quality of your intellectual capital a rapidly depreciating asset? Perhaps you feel rudderless in gale force winds.

For the first time, the concept of unleasing the human mind is being taken seriously. The engine of human brainpower now directs businesses.

Imagination is the raw material, intelligence the catalyst, creativity the fuel. All ignited by passion. You already have it. But what are you doing with it?

Surfing the intellect is not just what you read, but what you do!

It helps you build: a yearning organisation, a learning organisation, an earning organisation

It offers you the keys to an ROI...Return on Imagination, Return on Intuition, Return on Innovation!

I invite you to turn the pagfes, and challenge you not to feel challenged! Just do it! With your bare heart!

There are six major sections in the book, and here is an overview of the chapters.

1. Igniting Innovation

Catching the Right Wave - every wave is unique. Catching the right wave can transport you to your destination; and the ride is sure to be magical. Come! Let's surf the brainwaves of your mind.

Why the need for Creativity?. Welcome to the Age of Brainware. Those who do not know this, are victims, not victors. The crucial variable in transforming knowledge into value is 'creativity'. Creativity ignites our audacity; it helps us become what we are capable of being.

The Quest for Genius - Creativity or Catastrophe! Bureaucratic or Bureaucreative?

Focus on Innocation - Every organisation - not just business - needs one competence: INNOVATION. And every organisation needs a way to record and appraise its innovative performance.

Creative Genius at Work! The creative process is a matter of continually separating and bringing together and separating, in many dimensions - affective, conceptual, perceptual, volitional and physical.

Perspectives on Creative Problem Solving We often get busy solving the wrong problem...that is, if we ever get started. This is due to our failure to recognise the real problem. Defining the real problem leads to creative insights; the solution emerges almost as if it were a formality. This section invites you to experience the magic of creative problem solving.

Define the Problem, Find the solution Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greater success stories were created by people who recognised a problem and turned it into an opportunity.

Paradigm Paradise vs Paradigm Paralysis Problems are birthplaces for solutions. The more difficult a problem, the greater the possibility for a creative soltion. In being able to solve problems with fluidity and flexibility, we free ourselves from intellectual bondage.

2. Trailblazing Techniques

Creativity Techniques
  1. Questioning
  2. Brainstorming
  3. The Preference Grid
  5. The Yellow Pags Grid
  6. The Attributes Grid
  7. The Actions Grid
  8. Metaphors and Analogies
  9. The Measles Chart
  10. Storyboarding
  11. The Sensuist Mind
  12. Reversal
  13. The Lotus Blossum MAtrix
  14. Magic Mandala

3. Molecules of Management

Processing your ideas

Marketing TLC

Intellectual Capital

Surfing through Chaos

The Intelligence of Bio-diversity

4. Building Brainpower

Speak Your Way to the Top The ability to present yourself with passion, involvement, and credibility, gives you the power to transform people in a great way. You can impact the universe by the way you speak. This section of the book gives you a few pointers that will help you be a better communicator and presenter.

Readers Make Leaders! We are shaped by the books we read, by the people we meet, by the thoughts we think, and by the actions we perform. We must all read to learn, and learn to read.

Think it, Ink it! Writing Right Good writing tones our mental musculature. It is a work of joy and beauty when a sentence comes together through the dance of words. It is worth learning how to write better, to match the written with what is spoken. We should then aim to see how the spoken and the written crisscorss, connect and cross-pollinate.

Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn Be clear in your mind why learning to draw well is important. Drawing enables you to see in that special epiphanous way that artists see, no matter what style you use to express your special insight. Your goal in drawing should be to encounter the reality of see even more clearly, ever more deeply. True, you may sharpen your aesthetic sensibilities in ways other than drawing, such as meditation, reading or travel. But it's my belief that for an artist these other ways are chancier and less efficient. As an artist you will be most likely to use visual means of expression, and drawing sharpens the visual senses." - Dr Betty Edwards.

Memory Boosting The creative brain acquires muscle when blessed with a formidable memory. This section shows you a range of techniques for significantly improving your memory. Anyone of any age can learn these techniques. They are easier to master and hard to forget --- once you know how!

5. Soul Surfing

Full Esteem Ahead - Symphony of the Spirit

6. Braintertainment

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Read Dilip Mukerjea's author page for contact details and how to order the book.


From Michael Morgan (Herrmann International):

Dilip, I walked into the bookshop and there it was - 'Surfing the Intellect'. I bought it, sat down and read it. I never made my next appointment! The picture on the cover grabbed me, the shape, size and folds of the book intrigued me and the content hooked me. The pages are even resistant to sate sauce - I dropped a bit on it! I loved the book and everything in it. And I leant a lot from it.
Thank you, Michael

From Jennifer Goddard: (MindWerx)

Hi Dilip, I am now in London working with a large client for a while - I picked up your book when I was at Singapore Airport and have been having a lot of fun reading it. It is full of great ideas, techniques and deep understanding of many tools. I was amazed when I first saw it but am in awe the more I read it. It must have taken you a lot of time and work to put it all together. WOW!! It think that the design and layout are fantastic. Congratulations, Well done. I hope that the book sales are going well for you. take care Jennifer

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