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The Brain

Knowledge of the brain may be useful in understanding creativity. In this section of the Creativity Web, various models of the brain and the creative process are presented. Powering the brain with food, oxygen, drugs, together with sleep, relaxation, and music are also discussed. By being aware of how you use your brain can help you take advantage of your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Models of the Brain

The Creative Process

A series of pages giving a brief history of the various views of the creative process, starting with the Ancient Greeks and moving on to the 19th Century Romantics, through to Wallis's model and the Osborne-Parnes CPS model (Creative Problem Solving). Other models have also been proposed.

Multiple Intelligences

Healthy Body ... Healthy Mind

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Leonardo da Vinci was known as the strongest man in Florence, and Gary Kasparov (the chess champion) weight-trains, runs and boxes in preparation for mental combat over the chess board.

What are the main elements of physical health that lead to mental health and the raising of the general intelligence and creativity?

Sound Health

Altered States

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