The largest sex organ in the body is not between the legs - but between the ears! As a general fitness activity, physical sex can provide one of the most complete work-outs, involving extreme levels of aerobic, strength and flexibility fitness.

Sex also stimulates the intellectual skills, and the same principles apply to it as apply to most other things in terms of learning, memory, creativity and pleasure. The more cortical skills and the more senses that there are involved, then the more complete, stimulating and literally 'orgasmic' the experience is.

It is easy to see, from the brain's point of view, why romance is so intellectually stimulating, motivating, memorable, remarkable and wonderful, as well as being something that we all wish to enjoy - because all the cortical skills are used and all senses are totally involved. Intense conversations, flowers, planning, foods, wines, poetry, beautiful locations, nature, aromas and touch are all the pleasurable ingredients of romance. It is this combination of sexuality, love and total focus that has inspired many of the world's great geniuses to their greatest works of art, poetry, literature, music and conquest. The works of Beethoven, Picasso and Dali were often claimed by their creators to be inspired solely by this triumvirate.

The multiple intelligences and sexuality are all part of the same finely woven fabric. This explains why most of the world's great geniuses, no matter what their field, were known for their prodigious sexual appetites, which were once thought to be an aberration rather than a signature of genius. Intelligence, in its widest interpretation is sexy!.

Notes based on Tony Buzan's Book of Genius published by Random House 1994

Last updated: 2nd October 1996