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Building Brainpower



Dilip Mukerjea is Owner and Managing Director of Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd, an organisation specifically dedicated to the advancement of Mental Literacy. Focus is directed on developing Intellectual Capital for the Knowledge Economy, via strategies encompassing Creative Problem Solving & Solution Finding, Mind Mapping®, Speed Reading, Memory Enhancement, and Lifescaping.

His fast-paced and highly interactive seminars address Creativity & Innovation in Action! ergo Braindancing ~ the manifestation of genius. Read more...


Read more details on Dilip's books: Building Brainpower (first published as Brainfinity), Brain Symphony (first published as Braindancing), Surfing the Intellect and Unleasing Genius.

Dilip's latest book is Unleashing Genius, 510 wonderful pages on the Brain, Mmemory Boosting, Mind Mapping, Reading, Creativity, Jokes and taking Creative Action.

These books are strictly limited editions and designed to be collectors items. Once you own a book by Dilip you will definitely want to own the complete collection as they are beautifully presented and deserve pride of place on your "Creativity Bookshelf".

Seminars Dilip Mukerjea conducts seminars on 'brain skills for the new millennium' that are tailor-made with the following topics: Braindancing, Building Brainpower, Lifescaping, Brainaissance, and Perceptual Skills in Drawing. Contact Dilip (email address below) for more details.  
Email Dilip Mukerjea can be contacted by email at dilip@pacific.net.sg for enquiries on seminars and purchase of books.  

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Last Updated: May 2005