Many books on Creativity cite examples from the lives of famous artists, writers, scientists and leaders.This section of the Creativity Web gives information on these people and links to other web sites.

Reading List

The Genius Gallery was inspired by four great books:

Creating Minds - Howard Gardner © 1993
Buzan's Book of Genius - Tony Buzan and Raymond Keene © 1994
Creativity - Beyond the myth of Genius - Robert Weisberg © 1992
The Great Thinkers - Edward de Bono & George Weidenfeld © 1976

Characteristics of genius Tony Buzan offers a list of 20 characteristics of genius. Review this list and rate yourself on the scale.
Hall of Fame

Enter the Genius Gallery, and choose your pathway through this group of over 100 geniuses! As of May 2003, the Genius Gallery is now hosted at the web site.

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