Actis Consulting Inc.
Contact: Danny Lyonnais
Diane Houle-Rutherford and Danny Lyonnais are associates of the Center for Research in Applied Creativity. Both are former federal public servants and have been management consultants since 1993. They specialize in a broad variety of Creativity and Innovation services, explained on their web site. They are providing creativity and innovation facilitation and training to public non-profit and private sector organisations in Canada and the U.S.
CFI Syllab Inc.
Contact: Sylvie Labelle
Phone: 514-485-4601
Fax: 514-485-7008

4500 Patricia Avenue Montréal, QC H4B 1Z1 Canada
Need to maximize the creative and innovative potential of your enterprise, either at the personal, team and/or organisational level? Want to become and stay a creative leader and generate them? We work with proven methodologies and are current with research (PhD). We have experience in the creative problem-solving process, are certified by Edward de Bono in both Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, and use other techniques and processes, as per the needs and objectives We consult, train, facilitate, coach and speak. We take into account the structure, the organizational context and where the people are and want to be.
Canadian Creativity Network
Contact: Jacob Eisenberg
Phone: (519) 748-4121
Fax: (519) 895-0766

64 Shoemaker St., Unit 4
Kitchener, Ontario N2G lC9
Canadians are being challenged to become competitive in a new way --to be flexible, adaptable and nimble thinkers. . .to be critical and creative thinkers. Those interested in developing creativity and innovation skills need to be connected. An alliance of creativity professionals that identifies, promotes and directs this expertise can help Canadians answer this call.

The Canadian Creativity Network (CCN) is a non-profit organization formed to promote a greater awareness of the field of creativity and innovation in Canada. CCN supports those interested in seeking or sharing, learning or applying, creative thinking in a diverse range of business, education and other professional settings.

Various members of the Canadian Creativity Network are associated with creativity practitioners, organizations and networks world-wide. In order to share information and develop expertise within Canada, CCN will strive to foster contact and develop productive relationships with these groups, some of which include:

  • Creative Education Foundation, Buffalo, New York
  • Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State College
  • Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, N.C.
  • International Creativity Network.
  • Various European creativity networks
Kwantlen University College
Contact: Alice Macpherson
Phone: 1 604 599-2426
Fax: 1 604 599.2068

12666 - 72nd Ave., Surrey, BC, Canada, V3W 2M8
Customized Training & Contract Services We work to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients in creative and innovative ways. We offer:
  • creative solutions to Education and Training Needs
  • a wide range of customized training and consulting services to meet the needs of business, industry, unions, government, and non-profit agencies
  • flexible training schedules to meet each client's specific training and consulting needs
Linda Naiman & Associates
Contact: Linda Naiman
Phone: +1 604. 327. 1565

2181 West 38th Ave, Suite 804
Vancouver BC Canada V6M 1R8
Linda Naiman works with organizations to awaken genius level thinking through the arts; applying creativity, innovation, and visionary thinking to business strategy. She also teaches a creativity seminar in the management certification program at The University of British Columbia.

Linda is a life long artist, whose paintings are part of private collections and Hollywood film productions. Her writings on creativity and innovation have appeared in numerous business journals, including Perspectives on Global Change, published by The World Business Academy and Berrett-Koehler.

PRAXIS Associates
Contact: Paul Rousseau
Phone: +1 (519) 735-7959
Fax: +1 (519) 979-8908

RR 1
121 Wintermute Ave
Belle River Ontario
Canada N0R 1A0
PRAXIS Associates provides training, facilitation, consulting and coaching services in the areas of creative solution finding, human relations and in facilitating innovation. Through it's affiliate, The Virtual Creativity Company, the PRAXIS delivers on-line support to inventors and innovators developing new products and serivces. PRAXIS also offers training in functional thinking and writing throught and affiliation with The Corporate Standard and is an associate of the Rochester NY based innovation firm Idea Connections.

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