Audio Recordings

Buzan, Tony

Super Creativity
Audio Renaissance, St. Martins Press, 1988 (1 800 221-7945)

Caples, John

Copy & creativity, recording (1 cassette)
Hoke Communications, Garden City, N.Y., 1972

Coulson, Dr. Ted & Alison Strickland

Journeys into Creative Problem Solving, (1990)
Applied Creative Learning Systems, Seminole FL, (813 391-5080)

Gelb, Michael J.

Mind Mapping - How to Liberate Your Natual Genius

Meyers, William R.

Is creativity a cultural stereotype?
University of California Extension Media, Berkeley, CA, 1977

Moskowitz, Robert.

Creative problem solving (6 sound cassettes & workbook)
AMA Extension Institute, New York, 1978

Seriss, Jim.

Creativity : where do new ideas come from (1 sound cassette)
National Seminars, Inc. [Shawnee Mission, KS], 1987

Vance, Mike

Creative Thinking
Nightingale Conant, 1982

Vetrone, Karen.

Executive creativity realize your innovative thinking potential
4 sound cassettes + 1 workbook
Asher-Gallant Press, Westbury, N.Y., 1987

von Oech, Roger

A Whack, A Kick and a Poke
Nightingale Conant
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