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Creativity for Success

A self-paced creativity training packet for people in the workplace. The three part packet consists of:

The packet sells for $US150. Further details at the Creativity for Success web site.

Dr. Torrance is enthusiastically endorsing Creativity for Success:

Dr. Kathy Goff has developed the most exciting set of material for teaching creative problem solving and using the creativity test developed by me and her. It makes use of printed material, a book entitled Creativity for Success: Unleash the Power of Creativity. Along with that are an activity CD and a mini-CD.

The field of creativity development has had in the past several developments, which included Osborne and Parnes' Creative Problem Solving method, William J. J. Gordon's and George Prince's Synectics, and the work of deBono. Much good has come from these materials and other developments. However, it is only now that we are having exciting and effective methods developed in the computer age. Insofar as I know, Kathy Goff's kit is at the forefront of this development, which I believe will be very productive as it becomes known and used. I predict that it will change how much of the training in creative problem solving is conducted in the future. It also enables one to integrate it with self-knowledge about one's creative abilities.

March 16, 2001

E. Paul Torrance, Ph. D. University of Georgia Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor Emeritus

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Last updated: 23rd January 2002