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The Creativity Web
The Creativity Web is the creation of Charles Cave in Sydney, Australia, and its aim is to be the most up-to-date resource centre for creativity and innovation on the Internet. You will find details on books, software, people, organisations, quotations, techniques, the brain, and much more!

The InnovationTools Web site provides busy executives with a valuable collection of tools, ideas and resources, designed to help them be more creative in their day-to-day work. This site has several parallels with the Creativity Web with sections on people, software, quotations and links to other web sites.
Innovation Weblog The Innovation Weblog - The Innovation Weblog is a service of the InnovationTools Web site. It contains a variety of insights and updates on the topics of business innovation and technology. It is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, innovators and anyone else who is looking for ideas, tips and strategies for success in today's fast-moving, fast-changing business climate.

Broken Crayons
Broken Crayons is the web site by Robert Alan Black - speaker and author on creativity and innovation. This site is home to the weekly Creativity Challenges posted to several Creativity discussion lists. Great use of colour and the crayon motif. Make sure you read the 'Cre8v Thoughts' newsletter as well as viewing the four quadrants of the M.I.N.D. design questionnaire. You even get to break the crayons as you move the mouse over the graphics!

Innovation.IM-BOOT.org is a website addressing people with strong focus on
innovation, innovation management or idea creation. It provides information
related to innovation from various perspectives.

Innovation.IM-BOOT.org aims to become the No. 1 source of innovation
information exchange for a wider and international group of people invited
to join the network. It does not have a focus on special branches and
encourages the interdisciplinary exchange and various viewpoints.

Creativity Pool
This is an inspiring knowledge base full of creative and original ideas. It's the home of future innovation and tomorrow's most (in)famous inventions. The Creativity Pool is basically free and works like the penny cup next to the cash register. Have a brilliant suggestion or an idea for a new invention? Add it and be rewarded. Looking for inspiration and a great idea for your business? Just ask -- it may already be in the database..

An extensive and original resource for links on creativity and innovation on the web. A selection of 690 good and actual links is divided into 67 categories for the visitors convenience. Creax.net provides an overview of today's availability of organisations and websites that share the interest of creative thinking and is the ultimate startpoint for your journey through creativity on the web.

This is the site of Advanced Structured Inventive Thinking, or ASIT for short. The site offers an entertaining introduction to the ASIT method with sound and animation, accessible from your web browser. You can also purchase the Invention Highway CD-ROM game featuring challenging real-life problems in a simulation game. A family/children's version of the game is also available. Sign up for the weekly ASIT email magazine featuring puzzles, techniques and anecdotes.

Enchanted Mind
This is a colourful, well-designed site with a great deal of information on creativity techniques and inspiring articles, puzzles including some interactive Java puzzles. The site uses a lot of colour, graphics and background effects - complementing the creative nature of the site, creating the effect of a magazine. Look at the links on puzzles and humour - great stuff!

Directed Creativity by Paul Plsek
The Directed Creativity cycle proposed on this site consists of Preparation, Imagination, Development and Action. The site has a comprehensive collection of creativity techniques and uses a lot of mind maps to good effect. Well worth a visit. Explore the Directed Creativity Toolkit of over 250 tools, and browse excerpts of Plsek's book, "Creativity, Innovation and Quality".

The Innovation Network
Joyce Wycoff's site contains numerous articles on personal creativity and orginisational innovation in the article archives. You can subscribe to the weekly "Monday Wake up your Brain" message. Look for the superb DNA diagram showing the myriad factors of innovation.

What a Great Idea!
Charles "Chic" Thompson's site is a truly creative web site effectively using graphics, text, animations and white space. Thomson is a speaker and author ("What a Great Idea" and "Yes But" are two books I recommend you buy.) Look for the graphic on "Ten Great Places to Get Ideas" and the Killer Phrases Poster.

Creative Aerobics
A fun-filled site brought to you by the same man who created the award-winning The Bathrooms of Madison County. The site uses colour and humour -- look for the list of things to do when you are bored.

Edward de Bono
Edward de Bono's web site is predominantly text based, but gives information on most of de Bono's work in the teaching of creativity: Six Hats, Lateral Thinking and the CoRT program for schools. You will find information about certified trainers, the CoRT lessons CD, videos, the Creative Team and regular messages from Edward de Bono.

Brain Dancing
A fascinating web site by Patrick McGee and complementary to his book of the same title.

Lateral Thinking Puzzle Forum
A lateralthinking puzzle forum by Paul Sloane at www.books.com where people can pose puzzles and others can ask questions. It works well and is popular.

CPSI - Creative Problem Solving Institute
Home of the Creative Education Foundation, and organiser of CPSI - the Creative Problem Solving Institute. The site needs improvements in its design and I strongly recommend they dispose of the Java based navigation bar. Visitors to this site would appreciate more content considering the long history of CEF.

Brain Tricks
A revealing, innovative and entertaining Web site about the mind and brain, primarily a marketing tool for David Weiner's book "Brain Tricks", and is need of refreshment. The text size is too large and hard to navigate.

Delft School of Industrial Design Engineering
The Delft Creativity and Innovation pages by Marc Tassoul. The site was last updated in 1997 but includes information on the CREA-CPS (Creative Problem Solving) mailing list.

Multimedia magazine
A Multimedia magazine on creativity, innovation and change produced by Adventures in Creativity,Inc. The site includes essays, art works, poetry and music. MIDI and WAV files are available for download. The Oracle from Delphi II gives hints for creative problem solving.

Mind Tools
Mind Tools - Techniques for Memory, Creativity, Skills for high performance living and practical psychology. Techniques to help you think, skills for high performance living and shareware programs are available.

The 100% Brain Course
A Train Your Brain course by Mel Saunders

Pattern Research
Pattern Research, Freeorder, Open Network, and Tools for explorers

Odyssey of the Mind
Odyssey of the Mind - promoting creative team based problem solving in a school program for students from kindergarten through college. The program helps students learn divergent thinking and problem solving skills.

Last updated:20th August 2002

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