Your Creative Space

Having your special place for your creative outlet has many benefits. A very famous creative space is Henry Thoreau's cabin described in Walden. Ned Herrmann writes about the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of Creative space in his book The Creative Brain.

Mike Vance, in his book Think Out of the Box describes a concept called the Kitchen for the Mind which is a room filled with creativity-stimulating objects and decor - a resource rich environment. Each of us is creative when we are stimulated when we remember that, as Buckminster Fuller said, we live in a creative universe. Mike Vance recommends that you take a space in your home and make it a place that stimulates you to think and be creative. Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with the tools and resources your require.

One of my favourite creative spaces is the 'composing cottage' that Gustav Mahler had built in a meadow between an inn and the shore of a lake. The small bulding had a table, chairs, a sofa and a piano brought from Vienna. Early in the morning he retired to this sanctum and stayed there until lunchtime. When he felt blocked, he would go for a walk in the meadow, run up the hill or go for longer walks, returning each time to 'bring in the harvest'. The cottage gave Mahler physical isolation and means of temporary withdrawal from his immediate surroundings.

Along with creative space is the idea of a creative climate.

Your creative space

Now think about your ideal creative space. What do you need (eg computers, art supplies, musical instruments, etc) and where will locate your space? Describe it now:

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Last updated: 4th August 1999