The TRIZ method of Semyon D. Savransky

TRIZ provides a methodology for creative engineering design. TRIZ was founded by Genrich S. Altshuller in Russia, whose with co-workers analyses about 1,500,000 patents. The major TRIZ principles are:

1. All engineering systems have uniform evolution. Many other systems (economic, educational, etc.) have the same evolution trends.

2. Any inventive problem represents a conflict between new requirements and old system.

TRIZ comprises various systematically techniques (Inventive Principles; Psychological Inertia Overpass System; Physical, Chemical and Geometric Effects; Substrate-field and Functional Analysis; Technological Ideality Concept; Technology Forecasting) to find an quasi-ideal solution to the inventive problem through solve the conflict (usually hidden) based on the knowledge of a system evolution.

Fortune 100 companies cite a phenomenal increase in the productivity and quality of solutions to tough engineering problems through the use of TRIZ.

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