Charles Cave Music Page

Welcome to my page of musical explorations. My current music project is mastering music typesetting and producing MIDI files from the keyboard music of J S Bach.

Music Typesetting

I have been using a music typesetting program called MUP for the past six months and getting excellent results on my Windows XP machine. You can read a review of this program showing how I typeset a folk tune, created a beautiful score and MIDI file. I have written a more detailed (September 2007) tutorial of MUP including screen shots of MUP-Mode for Emacs

The MUP program interpets the MUP language and does not have a GUI front end. This is not an issue as I prefer the power of a language to a cluttered or poorly defined user interface. I wrote a GUI front end to MUP which I have called MUPEdit.

You may like to peruse my collection of typeset JS Bach pieces, including selections from 2-part inventions, The Children's Bach, and other well known tunes.

MUP Utilities

I created an include file for mapping MIDI instrument names to their corresponding program numbers.

Your MUP code can look like

include "midi-instr.mup"

midi all: 0 "tempo=80";
midi 1 1: 0 "channel=1"; 0 VIOLA;
midi 2 1: 0 "channel=2"; 0 PIANO;

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