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Welcome to the Requiem Web

Where I describe my first encounters with requiems, Missa Luba, and Britten's War Requiem.

What is a Requiem Mass?

Where I introduce the Mass and its role in the Roman Catholic Church. The Requiem is a special (solemn) occasion Mass.

History of the Requiem

Starting with Ockegen in 1470 through to the 1990's with the Fire Requiem of Nicholas Lens.

The Lyrics - Latin and English

A brief overview of the structure is given followed by the Latin words with an English translation.

Recommended Requiem Listening

The author's favourite requiems are described further. Berlioz, Britten, Mozart, ....

Requiem's that aren't really requiems

Just because a work is called "Requiem", doesn't mean it is a requiem!

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This list is an email forum for discussing Requiems, recordings, performances, asking questions, and being notified about updates to this web site.

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The Requiem Survey

The Requiem Survey is a comprehensive list of Requiems compiled by Kees van der Vloed in the Netherlands.


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