Alphanumeric Jigsaw 2

There are no numbers to tell you where to put the answers to the clues. Each answer begins with the indicated letter except the answers indicated by a number. The number suggests what the answer might begin with.

A Frequent flier has stories republished (3,7)
B Pier relocated in straightforward plan (9)
C Shopper's ice-cream cornet filled with whole raspberries at the top (8)
D Gathering worries, having lost gold wedding presents (7)
E Tree removed from steel mill (3)
F On which members may come to rest (9)
G Recalled medicine containing old fruit (5)
H Place that's frequently visited by worker cut down by disease (4-3)
I Use capital to make money in underwear (6)
J Cattle judge moved carelessly, paying no attention to call (7)
K Backed son fine about new order to make Japanese wall hangings (9)
L Register integrated circuit for good reason (5)
M People who seek communion with God through my small medical problems (7)
N An American city to fit in native animal (5-4)
O In the centre of town, reverend turned up to contend a general survey (8)
P Nationalist's strike linked to civil unrest (7)
Q Diggers registered in the middle of game (9)
R Wander through an Italian city by the sound of it (4)

S Chopper settled on road with time to recover (4,5)
T Fool grabbing head of sharp screw (5)
U Small truck is attractive without the front-end (3)
V Leaders of vast organisation loved kind Afrikaners (4)
W Grubs we associated with bad things (7)
X Animal, surrounded by ten deer, turned and ran off (7)
Y Fabulous creature even I stand by (4)
Z Country and jazz aired to some extent (5)
0 Devotional tune is very good in strange novel with grand ending (4-4)
1 Superb tree released initially in NSW maybe? (5-4)
2 Showy band allowed to come after support (8)
3 Plough found by river, I painted in colours (7)
4 Focus of work situated in plant drawer's isolated place (5,5)
5 Write to sect about a religious festival (9)
6 Powerful network's head transmitted in colour (7)
7 Point I made initially in interview for fencing position (7)
8 Riot developed after company returned tax (6)
9 Sort of anxieties free of tense plant in SA (4)


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