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Cyclone's Favourite Links

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Here are some links to some other Mospeada and Robotech related sites....

Mospeada Links:

  • Genesis Climber Mospeada Universe
    Heavily detailed and info-filled english Mospeada site, all salute Robert Morgenstern

  • T.M. Home Page
    A japanese Mospeada site. No english, but a wealth of images and high quality video files of Mospeada mecha transformations, opening and closing titles!

  • Mospeada Soundtrack Page
    Looking for information on the music and CDs available on Mospeada? Want to see other assorted Mospeada items? You can't go wrong with Newtype's Mospeada Soundtrack Home Page.

  • Yahoo! Groups Mospeada
    Mospeada set up thru Yahoo's groups system. Post images and leave messages with your fellow fans!

  • Yahoo! Groups Mospeada2
    A second Mospeada club on Yahoo, about a Mospeada fan project.

  • Yahoo! Groups Mospeada3
    The old Mospeada club via the Yahoo Club system.

  • Another Japanese Mospeada Page

    Despite claiming Mospeada is his fav show, this site has more to do with cars than anything Mospeada.

  • Link to the English area of Tatsunoko Production's web site, production company who funded the creation of many anime series including Mospeada.

  • Using the modern miracle photomanipulation and DVD capturing, AVT has stitched together all the major pans of Mospeada for your viewing pleasure.

  • Ryo-Ohki up close and personal
    How can you resist the sight of the loveable cabbit from the Tenchi Muyo series riding the 8" Mospeada Armored Cycle. Awwww.

  • Kabalarian Philosophy Baby Names - Mospeada
    Ever considered naming any of your male kids Mospeada? This site features a free analysis of the name, list many of the supposed qualities and limitations such a child would have. Silly in way.

  •'s Mospeada image page
    A few interesting Mospeada images.

  • Best Anime's Mospeada page
    General anime site with a fairly standard Mospeada page, but does features some music and video files.

  • High detail Imai Legioss model
    This page is sure fire way to make your modeling efforts look half baked, not merely doing a high quality glossy build of the 1/48 scale transformable AFC-01Z Legioss kit from Imai, this has been upgraded with greatly altered joints and extra pivots to increase the mobility and poseability to amazing levels!

  • Amano's World - The Art of Yoshitaka Amano
    Beautiful site of Yoshitaka Amano, character designer and artist for Mospeada Love, Live, Alive OAV. Very bandwidth intensive, but oh so beautiful.

  • Valkyrie's Resin Kits
    Fan recasts of various items, Valkyrie's Resin Kits has every Tread garage kit (Linkup, Tread Armo-Bomber on it's own and Tread Armo-Soldier) at reasonable rates.

  • Toy Archive: Landsy Tread Page
    Toy Archive has nice sections on various Mospeada toys, including a very nice section on Landsy Tread.

    Online Forums I visit

    The Official Robotech site with very well visited forums and store with exclusive items.

  • Macross World
    The single greatest independant english speaking Macross site in existence. Excellent forums, often the most up to date site for Macross/Macross related information. Also helps that Mospeada is not unwelcome there :)

  • RDF-HQ Communications Center
    The former supreme Robotech message board/forum, much of the wind was taken out of it's sails by Still a good place to visit with extensive indepth debate.

  • The Robotech Roundtable
    Home of the EMISSARIES, a nice Robotech fanzine.

  • Twin Moon Production Forums
    Nice small and friendly online forums hanging off nice, small and friendly online store.

  • Madman Entertainment
    Official site of the number one releaser of anime in Australia including Robotech and Genesis Climber Mospeada, with lively Australian specific anime forums.

    Robotech: New Generation/Macross/Robotech Related Sites

  • Robotech: Invasion
    Damn, this place is getting better and better. Robotech: New Generation based mod for Half-Life, Robotech: Invasion is really starting to look very nice indeed. Well worth the download.

  • Basara's Robotech site
    Home to a VERY large Robotech fanfic series, a large RPG section and the Robotech Pamlpsests by Basara.

  • Rick's Anti-Kev page
    Rick's AntiKev pages fixes up the RPGs Mecha stats, lists forgotten ships and generally repairs all the mistakes in the Robotech RPG.

    Robotech Research, one of the best RT RPG sites is back!

  • The Southern Cross Recuritment Manual
    Lots of links for all tastes and descriptions to go with them. A well-designed roleplaying site as well. The Hellcat Squadroom is sadly no more, but the Southern Cross Recuritment Manual now lives on!

  • Sgt. Anjay's Home Page
    A home page by Sgt. Anjay featuring Robotech and Fire Bomber info. Sgt Anjay also makes nifty Robotech based animated gifs.

  • Sgt. Anjay's Awards
    A project that I helped Sgt. Anjay with. Robotech themed awards for many subjects, mainly Southern Cross based now featuring New Gen ones(my contribution).

  • Good site if you want pictures or info on any Robotech Mecha (Look here for new Mospeada scans from the B-Club Mospeada special and Artmic Design Works books!) Good (if incomplete) New Gen era Fanfic too.

  • The UN Spacy Database (Burn)
    Burn's incredible Robotech/Macross site, with a absolutely massive image and download area.

  • The Robotech Page
    The former champion of Robotech sites, thanks to lack of interest The Robotech Page has fallen by the way side and has not been updated in years.

    Information about the last RoboCon in '95, a very good New Gen image area and now reviewed and rated Robotech site directory area.

  • The Third Invid War
    A fan supplement for the Robotech RPG which continues with the Invid return plot given by Palladuim books. Though no longer updated in years, it is of standard that all RT RPG sites to reach for.

  • Bryant Shiu's Robotech Continuity Page
    Confused with all the Robotech Plots out there? Bryant has a complete listing of all the robotech stories and what order they take place in. His information includes the original Animation, Novels, and Comics.

  • Site with (drumroll) Robotech models, with a small but growing section on Mospeada kits. Also has a nice section detailing how to do an enhanced build of the smaller Imai AFC-01H Armo-Fighter kits

  • Penguins and Programers -
    Personal site of Opus, one of the main programers on the ill-fated Robotech: Crystal Dreams game for the N64. He prodvides great detail and information about the project as well as his own personal interests and new work.

  • SUPERjaw
    Toy site with a veeeery nice Mospeada section.

  • White Cygnus Media
    A general anime webzine/site which in recent times had a article on the shows that went into Robotech.

  • Mad Max Movies
    The best site devoted to the Mad Max trilogy. Large and heavily detailed section on the famous black on black Pursuit Interceptor are a highlight.

  • The Dim Sum Diaries A blog with a little bit of heart, written by a friend. Nice mixture of comedy and bizarreness and just generally a great read.

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