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The Neutron S Missiles flying towards the earth

Mars Base realized after the almost total destruction of the Second Earth Recapture Mission in orbit, that maybe the Inbit were too strong to beat with standard combat tactics, that to regain the Earth would require almost total elimination of the enemy instantly. While advances in stealth technology would make it possible to defeat the Inbit in a way, Mars Base scientists prepared to make history's largest nuclear weapon to be used in a last ditch attempt to defeat the Inbit in case all else failed. The size of the Inbit's main hive Reflex Point, equipped with a protective energy field, forced the designers to make the missiles powerful enough to virtual vaporize the target and anything in the surrounding area. However as the people of Mars Base began to see Earth as just something to fight over, the large amount of overkill and radiation that would be left afterwards were seen as a small price to pay to cut years from the fighting to regain the Earth.

Truly massive, each of the seven Neutron S Missiles constructed is capable of wiping out most of the eastern seaboard in an instant. With each aiming for a tight circle around the center of the hive, they would have atomized the target. While at first the Third Recapture Mission went well, just like the others the tide soon began to turn and the launching of these last ditch weapons were ordered. If not for the fiery phoenix that carried the Inbit away wiping the missiles out, North America would basically be gone, with the Earth crippled for decades. Many of the Mars Base survivors on Earth could not believe that their commanders would order the creation of such a weapon.


Main stage firing


(Main stage)

Rear view of warhead stage's thrusters

(Warhead stage)



The warheads seperating from the main stage



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