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Inbit Humanoid Combat Mecha

The Protector was not among the first Inbit mecha to appear. Not designed for constant combat, the Protector provides a more humanoid shape with which their slaves could relate, as well as being able to search locations where only a human could go. The Protector was the first Inbit mecha to actually communicate with humans, though it was clear the voice was mechanically produced. The third stage Inbit shows some vaguely human thinking, but reacts slowly compared to it's enemy.

In combat the Protector is effective against unarmored infantry, though fairs even worse than the Iigaa against Ride Armors, Legioss' and Treads. Infantry equipped with either FAL-2s or pistol mode Gallants will usually overpower the Protector.






Sensor Systems:

Note: Inbit pilot can communicate telepathically out to 600m.



Full protection against chemical and biological agents, radiation shielding. Armor will stop all grenade/shell/mortar fragments and most energy beams and projectiles from infantry weapons at greater than point-blank range. Total armor protection is slightly less then that of Ride Armors.

Optional Shield. ImproveA 1.2 diameter metal shield The shield improves the amount of damage Protector's can stand, but

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