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Mars Base

Genesis Climber MOSPEADA RPG
Conversion Project

One way to continue the fun of Mospeada is to play Role Playing Game in that universe. Most people say "What's the point? Just use the Robotech RPG". But like those who love the original versions of Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada, the Robotech RPG is often incorrect when compared with Robotech and sometimes hidously wrong when compared to the originals.

From originally only having conversion notes available for the Robotech RPG by Palladium Books, I have made a recent effort to put up pages for the Shilouette system used in the Jovian Chronicles from Dream Pod 9 and the Tri Stat system used in Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2ed by Guardians of Order. The stats and information on these pages are in my opinion much closer to the spirit of Genesis Climber MOSPEADA as presented in the series without designing a rpg system around it.

I am slowly converting information from the old versions of this page and other hand writen notes from my games, so at the moment the page has a very half finished feel with spelling mistakes galore, so please bear with me as I try to get things in some sort of order.

GCM RPG Conversion Articles

Freqently Asked Questions
General Mospeada RPG Info

Robotech RPG Conversion Notes
(Rifts/Macross II: Palladium Books)

GCM Conversion Rule changes and requirements
New and Revised Equipment
New and Revised Skills
New and Revised O.C.C.s
Revised Legioss Armo-Fighter stats
Revised TREAD Armo-Bomber stats
Revised Ride Armor stats
Revised Mars Base Ship stats
Revised Inbit Mecha stats

MBT-12 Condor Prototype combat mecha

Silhouette Conversion Notes
(Jovian Chronicles/Heavy Gear: Dream Pod 9)

GCM Conversion rule changes and requirements
AFC-01 Legioss Armo-Fighter stats
AB-01 TREAD Armo-Bomber stats
Ride Armor stats

Big Eyes, Small Mouth Conversion Notes

GCM Conversion rule changes and requirements
Mospeada BESM Characters and Character Templates
Mospeada BESM Mecha conversions

RPG Company Pages

Palladium Books
Former producers of the Robotech RPG. Details on the books available for all their games and how to order them.

Dream Pod 9
Makers of Heavy Gear and it's sister game Jovian Chronicles. Order the books, look at the large and picture filled sections relating even more information for the game worlds, the many pages of highly detailed minatures and models to drool over and links to fan sites.

Guardians Of Order
Makers of the anime fan favorite Big Eyes, Small Mouth and designers of the Tri Stat system. Lots of visually nifty gimicks, but has a nice area of links to the various fan artists who did the artwork of the BESM books and of course the ability to order things online.

Other Robotech/Mospeada Related RPG links

Robotech The Third Invid War
Robotech The Third Invid War is the most well put together 'Net based supplements for the Robotech RPG. Featuring LOTS of new art, OOC's and REF and Invid mecha which all helps detail this fan solution to the Invid return scenerio created by Palladium.

The Southern Cross Recuritment Manual
The Hellcat Squad room's main feature, the Southern Cross Recuritment Manual, was quickly revived after the Squad room died. Featuring lots of extentions to, repairs and even more info to make playing Southern Cross section of the Robotech RPG even easier and better.

The Bridge of the SDF-3
Ash's large Robotech combined with Rifts site, also playing host to anime conversions including Gundam 0083 and Gundam Wing.

Robotech Research, one of the best RT RPG sites is back!

Basara's Robotech site
As well as featuring a VERY large Robotech Fanfic, this site also contains lots of different Robotech and Rifts info from new fan mecha, things taken from long out of print books and magazines, conventional weapons conversions, information and stat repairs much like the Anti-Kevs and Riftech. Riftech deals with what if Dolza's fleet triggered the Rifts, and combines large sections of Robotech and Rifts into a good mix.

Rick's Anti-Kev page
Rick A. Mortis's Anti-Kevs are sections on what mistakes there are in the Robotech RPG books and what can be done to repair them. Also has a brand new area that features the mecha and ships that Palladum forgot (like the Condor and Izumo)
Cav-Scout's old web site returns with Robotech RPG extra information on the EBSIS, DYRL conversions and RT image areas all on it's own server!

Megaroad's Robotech Page
A combination Robotech site and RPG page, also features Robotech RPG stats for the Zaku II and AV-XO Zero partly based off my GM and Ingram stats.

Robotech 2100: The Role Playing Game
An Robotech RPG site that instead of following what the other Robotech sources say will happen, takes off on it's own idea of what will happen after the Regiss leaves Earth a century later. It throws the Galactic Alliance based on Earth against The Invid Regent, Robotech Masters and Marduk!

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Genesis Climber MOSPEADA (R) is the property of Artmic Stuidos. Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.

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