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Monday, September 8th 2003 - 8:52pm

Just another update to the index.


The R1 Mospeada DVD set is being sent to retailers, with a number even offering it before the official June 17th release date, so a minor update where basically all the mentions of the R1 release on the site being converted from future tense to present/past tense.

I'm having issues at present with the image of the cut-scene and Love Live Alive pages, where the web space I was using has been knocked on the head. This really isn't important in regards to the cut-scene page with the Seventh Robotech Extra disc including most of them and the R1 set showing off even more, but the lack of Love Live Alive on the R1 set makes getting my fairly image intensive LLA page back up.


Easy come, easy go. Title page image changed to reflect the DELAY with the R1 release.


You don't consider the announcement of the first solid information of the R1 release date worth of an update?


Where are the toy and model pages? They've been retired for the moment. If they return is up to you, the viewer..ah..reader. It's no great secret that my toy and info pages were lackluster at best, and they need help. So I'm putting out the call. If your willing to provide the help they need..then please start emailling me.


Changed the index format yet again. The main change is also related to that, I got access to DVD-Rom, so now I've got already got over a 650 megs of screen captures. First to feel the benefits is the Love, Live, Alive page which now has over 50 screen captures of the new scenes. Next up will be the Cut Scenes, and then pretty much every screen captured image I have up will be replaced with a cleaner and clear DVD one.

14/5/01 (5/14/01)

Nothing much, just general clean, vehicle page getting a work over.

14/4/01 (4/14/01)

General spit and polish mostly. Most possible new stuff is on the back burner. I'm playing around with media files, so finding space and weighing up which is more important is a concern at present.

3/1/01 (1/3/01)

The holiday season is prime update time for me, so expect lots of little minor changes and updates, as well as a few bigger things.

The first of those bigger things is the new Cut Scenes page, listing all the major and VERY major scenes that Harmony Gold cut in creating Robotech: The New Generation, complete with their Robotech counterparts and images. Talking about a hatred of Mint.

On the minor side (but no less important) the Equipment page has had a going over, all the spacecraft files have been greatly altered and updated, many of the mecha pages have a new coat of paint in the form of new and different images, and a page on the unmaned drone Mujin Legioss joins them. Thanks for the new images goes to Cavscout and his scanning efforts. Now if he'd just do all those scans I want from Artmic Design Works for me ^_^

The news of Palladium Books discontinuing the Robotech RPG after 14 years hit me rather hard, as it was the very first RPG I ever played. But it has given me a push to reorganize my Mospeada RPG section, and work on Mospeada stats for Gurps: Mecha and revised for BESM 2ed is presently underway. Now if my ordered copies of Mekton Zeta and Mekton Zeta Plus would just arrive...

1/8/00 (8/1/00)

Just general house cleaning.

23/4/00 (4/23/00)

If nothing else the new title image is a hit. While the ejection page has disappeared from the Index, I haven't killed it off, just split it into two pages (the Legioss and Tread sections are now seperate) and linked them off the Mecha page.

Plans are underway for a Mospeada toy and mercandise page with fellow Mospeada fans, so look for vastly improved Mospeada toy info and images, also with some images of Mospeada cells and wacky stuff like Mospeada chopsticks. Early stages yet with another idea I'm kicking around, a possible Genesis Climber Mospeada DVD pettion. As many of you have heard Animeigo is releasing a un-taited sub of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, and while they haven't discounted ever releasing Mospeada.......they haven't said they will. The best way to get them to do it is to show them that people do want it.

23/3/00 (3/23/00)

What better way to show the page has been updated than new main title images ^_^
Bye bye sound page, dropped for extra space. Of course if demand was there for it's return..........
I've added a SD picture of myself, also made improvements and updates to the model and toy pages. I've pretty much tapped out my toy info, anything else that I'm missing, I'd be glad to get info on it.

13/2/00 (2/13/00)

Just playing with the format, moving and changing a few images. The Game Page has been dropped, and it's highly likely the sound page will be next.

3/1/00 (1/3/00)

General Update, spell checking, the like. The Genesis Climber Mospeada RPG conversion has been renamed the The Genesis Climber Mospeada RPG Conversion Project and have updated the BESM area.

8/11/99 (11/8/99)

Mospeada stats for Big Eyes, Small Mouth are up on the RPG page, though only in part. Apart from that I've been cleaning up images, going over pages and thinking about what I do and don't need.

6/9/99 (9/6/99)

I've put up a Mospeada Fanart page, at the moment it's just my stuff, though I hope to get the work of others up soon.
Love, Live, Alive page has got a make over, I sort of forgot to update it to include fact I'd seen it awhile back ^_^
Most of the other pages have been updated in some small way also.

24/8/99 (8/23/99)

I've put up both Mospeada and Robotech New Gen versions of my Episode Guide, for those people who can get their heads around me for some reason calling the Alpha Fighters Legioss Armo-Fighters :<

GCM RPG conversion has split into other games than Robotech, with Jovian Chronicles being the next up to the plate. Expect BESM stats soon! Various spelling mistakes and page errors got fixed up, but more are bound to crop up when I change things. A couple of links went dead so they got cut. I'm working on grabbing more sound files, and even considering making some Mp3's (The Regiss's Final speech). The Mospeada toy and model pages are still down after I ripped them free of YahooGeocities. I've almost completed uploading them to Crosswinds, but I'm using this as a good a time as any to add and update the pages.

5/6/99 (6/4/99)

Seperate Inbit mecha pages are up. I checked my spelling twice, but given my usual track record.........
Links added, dead ones removed, couple of Banners changed
GCM RPG pages updated, with the OCCs page getting another make over, and a couple of other pages added. Seeing that I've re-added the Inbit mecha pages, I'll get started on the GCM RPG conversions of them.

26/4/99 (4/25/99)

Just general spell checking, picture fixing and information changing. Banners! Banners! Banners! Banners galore on the Links page. GCM RPG Conversion is slightly updated and I'm even trying my hand at making my own RPG game based totally on Mospeada and nothing else.


Dark Legioss page is up and about. RPG Stats for the Cyclone seen in the Robotech Class Reunion comic and the AV-98 Ingram from Mobile Police Patlabour. Added the links for Robotech X and SDF-5X.

26/1/99 (1/26/99)

History Page got updated with background for both Mospeada and New Generation and commonly asked questions about the series. Who is Cyclone? page got a couple of new answers. Mecha page got rewriten and the Jagd (Shadow Drone) appears for the first time. Revised TREAD Stats got the nifty new Dave Deitrich style make over.

10/1/99 (1/10/99)

Got my own personal internet account at the same ISP as my parents account so I've moved every page EXCEPT the index to my personal home page space. I repeat, all except the index, it remains at the same spot it all ways has so no need to change those links or bookmarks. Because of the move pages and images might not work so please give me a day or so to check everything out.

Because of the site movement, I've being slowed down in updating the site, so please make do with the few things I've added and updated for the moment. Added the Credits section. Added and changed images all over the place. Paploo/Marduk is no longer able to store some of my earlier New Gen wav files so the ones in the top section will be unavailable for the moment. Updated the Links page.


Revised the Genesis Climber MOSPEADA RPG Conversion slightly, mainly with the adding the New Skill section and the new improved Legioss stats. Links got updated of course, also added the info about the Mospeada VCD to the Index page.


The Genesis Climber MOSPEADA RPG Conversion is up and about. First versions of the Revised Legioss(Alpha), TREAD (Beta), Ride Armor (Cyclone), Mars Base Spaceships, and Invid mecha stats are up. Mecha Bonus Tables are tweaked. New OCCs page is being reformated and tweaked and will be up soon, followed by a new Mospeada-rised skill list. My version of the Condor will be up post haste also.

Updated the Links, Mospeada Voting page(try finding Alpha fighters on it now ^_^), added a couple of New Gen related adds. Sound page has being cut to just the wavs I recorded.

With me finishing up for the year in about a month, I'll have more time for working on this page. Expect new wavs, pictures and info to pop up between now and Feb next year.


Updated the Links, Voting, Character, and changed the looks of the Index.

Crippled the Mospeada RPG and added some of my most commonly visted Robotech RPG sites to make up for the loss of basicly ALL the info on it. Expect the new extra large html nifty version soon.

The new improved versions of the other pages are coming along okay, with the complete Naval section done (all the ships now sport their own pages), the mecha area only has all the Mars Base mecha done (only rough versions still though, most likely to change)


Test versions of the Legioss/Alpha mecha pages are up, but I still feel they look to Tech Files-ish and I'm going to change them again. The New Gen wav page on the other hand, has being heavily upgraded and features double the number of files, many that I have never put on the 'net and some of the Robotech soundtrack wavs from the old Khyron's Domain site.

Also I have made a
New Banner!

Not that good at the moment, but I'm working on it.


First up I was half finished uploading the model and toy pages, when the isp I was using folded without warning! Then when I went to use my parents isp, the homepage server crashed! Then the whole Peter Walker/stolen pages mess started!

Anyway, the Mospeada model and toy pages have been upgraded and all images are there. The Mecha pages are back up for the moment, but we soon be totally re-writen. The Condor write-up is done, but it'll be changed soon any way.


Added the Mospeada Model page. Added the New Gen Sounds page. Fixed up the Links Page, Voting page, Mospeada Toy page. Major Upgrade of the Mospeada RPG area is coming along nicely and should be finished soon.


Just added the Mospeada Toy page, the Mospeada model page still needs to be fixed up abit.


Added the navagation bar. Almost finished the the Model and toy pages


Added the DoZ page. Now there emails will stop, there is a link to my DoZ stuff on my page. Spit and polish everywhere else.


Added the Game page. Don't say I did warn you about how crap it is. Head swell time. Added Who is Cyclone? page. Added Vulture to the Vehicles page.


Finally the Vehicles page is up! Not the best version, look for improvements soon. Link to Voting Results on index. Added more Characters to the Character page. Added page for other web rings (Only the DoZ rings deserves pride of place on my index)


Major Rewrite still in progress! I've been busy with end of year assement so it's not going as fast as I'd hoped. Good thing is I'll be finished for the year soon and can devote more time to improving the page! Look for Vehicle page, and pages on Mars Base, Invid and the Resistance soon. Also writing a Robotech RPG campain which bascily does what Third Invid War did for the Invid Invasion storyline but for the Local Group.


MAJOR REWRITE OF PAGE IN PROGRESS! MAJOR ADDITIONS IMMINENT! Rewrite of Tech page, now called Equipment page, removed vehicles from it, added EP-37,R-6,CVR-2 and "Stinger". Rewrite of all Mecha pages, Another rewrite of Naval pages.


Major rewrite on Naval page. Polish and clean everywhere else.


At last the answer has being found!!!! Rook and Corg's Voices have been added!! Love Live Alive page added.


Added "Road to Reflex Point" page added! Updated the results page, Beta page and Tech page. Added Lonewolf's and site of my images to links page.


My Alpha Fighter's going down! Eject! Eject! Good thing I've just added the Ejection Sequences page! Return of sound on the index page! It's a really good, quick loading mid file this time.


YIKES!!! I had hoped to have my homepage up by the date below, but I only just got it up now! Added DoZ WebRing to index(Thanks Beta, I just suggested the idea, you did all the work!)Updated links page.


Powerup had a few problems with their homepage server (it crashed) wiping out my page!! Just reloaded everything.


Updated result page(only three people so far!) Repaired links and images


Got rid of sound on index page!(Very bad idea, I know)Added Invid Mecha page. Added scrolling text. Added Guestbook. Added Voting Area and (pointless at the moment) results page.


Added sound to my Index page!(Tell me if you don't like it)Added link to Disciples of Zor on index. Added new OCCs to RPG page. Added Lancer's Rockers OCCs.Updated Links page. Fixed up missing pictures(I hope!)


Update page added!(Your reading it now!) Added counter. Changed from the white background. Major upgrade on Episode page (images from most episodes).Added 5 new pieces equipment to the Tech page. Changed pictures in Character page. Link page upgraded.

1/4/97 (4/1/97)

Powerup version of my page online(now main version of page). Renamed, now "The Ultimate Genesis Climber MOSPEADA HomePage". Readded Naval vessels page, RPG page,seperate Alpha, Cyclones and Beta pages.

15/3/97 (3/15/97)

Free 20 megs at Dragonfire now going to be charged for, Dragonfire version to close April 15. Find out Geocities deleted my page! Geocities version of page reborn!(now main version of page, back down to one meg) Powerup now gives members 5 meg for their pages, plans for larger Powerup version.


In short, I get Internet access. Make first homepage (The Black Thorns HomePage) Saddened by lack of Mospeada sites, I decide to make my own. Adam Kath's Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Home Page is born! Find out about and become member of Geocities, who offer 1 meg free space. Make first online version of page. Learn from friends about Dragonfire, which offers 20 Meg FOR FREE. Big plans for page. Massive upgrades of all pages. Geocities version is all but forgotten (and later dies). Dragonfire starts to ask for donations.

Things to come:

This is where I say I'm going to do thing, but (probably) never do. I hope to: Totally redo the toy and mecha pages. Have pages on Mars Base, Jupiter Base, The Inbit, Human Resistance Forces, and Condition of Earth. RPG section to have conversion notes for EVERY mecha related RPG commonly available.
As always if you have any suggestions, my e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

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