The Striped Marsh Frog and the Queen of the Pond

Once upon a time in the bush near Westside Christian College there was a pond and in the middle grew a waterlilly with a beautiful purple flower.

A girl called Sara and a boy named Billy decided to go to the pond to catch tadpoles.
They heard croaking - Bok, Bok, Bok. It was a Striped Marsh Frog.
Sara stepped in the mud and it squelched between her toes. Then Billy stepped into the mud. It squashed between his toes too. When Billy took another step he fell in the pond!
Sara tried to pull him out, but she fell in too. When she sat up Billy laughed at her because the lilly pad was on top of her head.



"You look like the Queen of the Pond," he said.
"Okay," Sara said. "Then you are my servant. Get me out of this pond!"
When he tried to help her out he slipped and more mud splashed on Sara. She said, "I'll cut your head off."
Billy pretended to cut his head off.
Suddenly they heard a sound nearby. It was coming closer and closer and closer! It was a Bearded Dragon. It opened its mouth and hissed at them. They hissed back at it. It hissed again.
Colouring pencil drawing of pool, lizard and log.
They said to the lizard, "Don't be scared of us. We'll take care of you."
They found a hollow log and put some rocks around it. Then they chased the lizard into the log.

Every day they visited him. They decided not to catch tadpoles after all.  

(This story was created by myself and Year 2 children at Westside Christian College (Goodna) during an interactive improvisation at the end of a performance. Thanks to the students for the graphics and teacher/librarian Ronald Hart for organising it.)

All contents copyright (C) 1998, Daryll Bellingham. All rights reserved.
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