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Deal and Motor Neurone Disease

Many people with MND have speech problems caused by their physical problems.  These problems are neither inevitable nor insuperable.

When someone with MND comes in to use our services DEAL assesses the person's current communication, advises them on communication options,  and arranges for them to obtain those that best meet their needs.

DEAL Communication Centre Inc.,
538 Dandenong Road, Caulfield, Victoria 3162, AUSTRALIA

Ph. (61-3) 9509 6324
Fax. (61-3) 9509 6321
Diagnoses of DEAL clients include

  Autism/ASDCerebral PalsyDown Syndrome,  Intellectual Impairment,   Learning Disability,   Fragile X SyndromeRett SyndromeStroke/CVA, 
Persistent/Permanent Vegetative State,  Acquired Brain Damage,
Motor Neurone Disease/ALS, and Huntington's Disease.
DEAL has been able to help people with all of these diagnoses to communicate.