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Gaderffii Stick

Gaffi StickThe Gaffi stick (or Gaderffii Stick) is the traditional weapon of the Tusken Raider.  The shaft is made from a Krayt Dragon horn, the fins and club are made from salvaged space craft debris.  The gaffi stick is approximately 1 metre long.

This was originally made from a Fijian war club (totokia) and the metal fins and spike added to it.

The metal spike just rings alarm bells for me.  Imagine you have a heap of kids around you wanting to get a closer look at your costume and 'doink', you've stuck some poor kid with it.  Not pretty and plus you'll have a mob of angry parents after you.  Therefore I'll be making two versions of the gaffi stick.   The proper one for disply purposes and a stunt double to take to functions, screenings, and conventions (like one is ever going to be here in Albury).

The great thing about this (and the whole costume) is that it doesn't need to be totally accurate.  All the Tusken Raiders are different.  All the gaffi sticks are different (patterns on the club, fin sizes, etc) so you can add a bit of your own flare to it.


THE SHAFT - Length of poly pipe
THE FINS - 3mm Craft wood
THE SPIKE - 12mm quad/dowel
THE CLUB - Epoxy Putty




These are crafted from 3mm craft wood.  The edges have not been sharpend but rounded to ensure that no harm can be done to anyone.

The template below is just to give you a rough idea of the measurements I used.  I don't know what they are exactly as there are different types.  Some are curved and have details in them.

Gaffi Fins - Template

Making the slots in the finsCut two of these peices out.  Then cut a 3mm slot halfway UP one and halfway DOWN the other.  A good tip here is to clamp the two pieces together and make the cut.  This will ensure that the two cuts match.  Also, make sure that the cut is as straight as you can get it.  If it's crooked, the fins will be crooked.  Another tip is to make the cut about 4mm wide.  This gives you a little bit of room for movement if you need it.  We will make them sturdier later down the page.

The fins slotted togetherSlide the two parts together and you've got the start of the fins assembled.  It looks a bit rough now but when we paint it it'll be pukka.

The reason I did it this way is because I want to make sure that the fins aren't going to snap off.  This gives them a solid structure and there will be no chance of them breaking apart.

Pieces of quad will be secured at each join.  This will make it extra sturdy and will help straighten them up.

Once that's been done, the fin assembly will be slotted into the end of the poly-pipe.  The pipe will have 4 x 3mm wide cuts made down the pipe (a length of 15cm) and the fin assembly will just slide right in.


For the spike I just used a wooden dowel.  The original is square, however I've decided to go with round dowel because that's what I've got heaps of.   Just sand the end to a point but not too sharp.


The cheap epoxy putty from Clint's Crazy Bargains.I'm going to form this out of Epoxy Putty.  This stuff is like Knead-IT but it's cheaper.It also takes a lot longer to set which is perfect because it gives me enough time to work with it.  This stuff I bought from Clint's Crazy Bargains.   It's $2.00 a box.  Cheap and nasty.  Perfect for the budget conscious costumier.

If you've never used this stuff before don't worry.  It's just like working with clay, except it smells and is VERY tacky. 

Start by cutting off half of each of the portions of putty and work them together until you get a uniform colour (dark grey - black)

The epoxy putty formed into a spike.  It's not a dog terd.Form it into a shape of a small spike (about 2 inches high with a solid base), set it aside and wait for it to dry.  It will dry rock hard and stick to anything you put it on.  Therfore........


I realise it looks like a 'dog mine' but trust me, it's not.


Do everything as above, just round off all the points and edges

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