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Cod Piece

Codpiece reference image
Reference image

The problem with the cod piece is that it is difficult to sit down while wearing it.  I choose to use a heavy cardboard.  It bends OK and still holds its shape. 

Draw half the codpiece on paperThe cardboard backingI drew the pattern out on paper first and checked to see if it fits OK.   This sits on a sensitive part of the body and I don't want any part of my anatomy getting crushed beyond recognition.   Once it was done, I transferred the pattern onto the cardboard and cut it out.

Now try it on.  The top of the codpiece should sit just on your belly button.  Walk around and make sure the bottom of it doesn't move too much or cause too much discomfort.  You probably won't be able to sit down in it.  This is very important. When I did this I felt a little discomfort but figured it would be OK.  Now I'm wishing I cut it back further.   But I'm not going to do this again.

Cardboard and the vinylLay the cardboard on the back of the vinyl and trace around it.  You need to sketch a line parallel to the trace that's about 12cm or more all around.  This is so we have enough vinyl to fold it to the back of the cardboard.

The foam/polystyreneWith the cardboard codpiece as a template, cut out a piece of thick foam/polystyrene.  The stuff I used it about 25mm thick.  I used a hot wire cutter for this but you can do a fairly good job with a Stanley knife.  My hot wire cutter doesn't have the depth to cut the whole thing out in one piece, so I had to cut out two pieces.  You now need to cut off 6cm from the top of the foam.

Vinyl stiched to the cardboardWith the cardboard piece, mark a line 6cm from the top.  Get a drill and with a small drill bit, drill holes along the line about 1cm apart. 

Cover the top 6cm of the cardboard with shoe glue and stick on the vinyl.   Let this dry.

With dental floss and a needle, stitch the vinyl to the cardboard.  When using dental floss, it's best to double it as this gives it extra strength.  There's gong to be a bit of pressure on this part as you pull the vinyl over the foam.

Cut the hole in the foam. 

Now whatever you do, DON'T GLUE THE FOAM TO THE CARDBOARD.   If you do, when you bend the codpiece around you, the foam will break.

Securing the vinyl to the cardboardStart folding the vinyl over the foam and secure it to the back of the cardboard.  You need to make a few incisions into the vinyl to stop it from creasing.  You want to try and get a super neat finish to the edges.  When doing the bottom, you can get away with stretching the vinyl a bit, however with the ends and the sides, try not to stretch it at all.  When it bends it will stretch out and there will be a lot of pressure on the ends and you don't want the vinyl coming off. 

Securing the inside edges of the holeYou should be able to see where the hole will be.  With a Stanley knife, make an incision right down the middle.  Ten you need to make further incisions on the rounded edges.  Fold the vinyl to the inside edge of the foam and secure it with shoe glue.  HINT:   Keep the piece of foam you cut out for the hole.  When gluing the vinyl, you can stuff the piece back in there to hold the vinyl in place while the glue is drying.

Secure the straps with tiny boltsI'll be using more luggage straps and snappy bits to keep it on (a simple belt really) and this will be attached to the back of the codpiece with tiny nuts and bolts.

The part that fills the holeCut a piece of cardboard the same size as the hole, lay one layer of wadding and cover with vinyl.  Glue this into the hole with shoe glue.  Get a black shoelace, and glue it around the inside edge of the hole to cover any mistakes or problems.  You can also use a black shoelace to cover the top stitching of the codpiece aswell.

The finished codpiece
The finished codpiece

I'm not entirely happy with this, however I reckon it's not too bad for a first go.  I think I could make another one in half the time.  I would certainly try to cut the foam in one piece as you can see the join through the vinyl.   The hole needs some work to neaten up the edges. 

All in all, not a bad effort.  Anyone offering to sell you one of these for more than $30.00, you're being ripped off.

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Updated: 19 March 2001