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Other Vaders & Vaderettes

Here's some other Vader pics and all have been homemade.  It just goes to show you that you can create a really good costume without having to break the bank.  

If you would like your homemade costume shown here, please email me the pictures.

Just click on the pictures for the larger image.

My Costume (so far)

This is how it looks so far.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Cooking with Vader  "I am your father"


Vaderkinde - USA

My personal favourite.  All was homemade and I must say an excellent job.  Vaderkinde is a mere 5'2" but she does the costume proud.   It's hard to believe that there is a little lady underneath all that costume.   She definitely gets my award for excellence.

Vaderkinde 1 Vaderkinde 2 Vaderkinde 3 Vaderkinde 4 Vaderkinde 5 Vaderkinde 6


Frank Shannon - USA

Frank Shannon 1  Frank Shannon 2


Darth Christian - Europe (Austria)

Darth Christian 1 Darth Christian 2 Darth Christian 3


Brian Thompson - Minnesota, USA

Brian made all this himself (apart from the helmet) and he's only 15 years old.  A very impressive job.  Well done.   You can also check out his website:

Brian Thompson 1 Brian Thompson 2


Jeff Kindall - Salt Lake City, Utah

After years of research and hit an misses it finally came together. Thanks for your very helpful tips and ideas.


Mat - UK

Now this is impressive.  A 13 year old making his first Vader costume.  Puts some of us older Vaders & Vaderettes to shame.  He would like to thank his grandparents for their assistance.  And like most of us, he's working on improvements already.  Well done.

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Updated: 10 May 2003