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The world must wake up to illegal use of copyright material, authors and artists must all kill google search and advertising. This page is not listed in the google database, hidden even, you will not find pages like this critical of google using their search engine, try duckduckgo. Bing is much better than Google, especially if you want less advertising on your video search results. Google has wrecked youtube with advertising. Stop Alphabet's company Google from indexing and archiving your websites. Goodbye google. How I do hate you google, let me count the reasons.

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Date.created" content="Sun, 5 Sep 2004"
Date.Modified" content="Tue, 16th January 2018"

For Firefox Browsers The Southern Cross

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the the best thing you have never seen in the night sky. Our closest neighbouring star is a triple-star system Alpha Centauri. The two larger stars Alpha and Beta are similar sizes to our sun, the third sun Proxima Centauri is closest to us and is a red dwarf 4.25 light years away, Proxima Centuri also has the closest exoplanet (Alpha Centauri Cb) to us. The exoplanet orbits the red dwarf in just 11 days. With a small telescope you can see the two main larger stars in Alpha Centauri. If you are using an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox put your finger mouse or cursor over a star for more information.

A Subscription (high definition 2079 pixels × 1662 pixels) version of The Southern Cross Constellation Crux major webpages available by subscription only

China attacking the world internet again, everyday, all day. Tencent cloud computing China Beijing, Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems and Aliyun Computing Zhejiang

Twenty-three years of publishing educational webpages! I have had enough of Alphabet's executive chairman Eric Schmidt and google's demands that I conform with their walled off internet to make Accelerated Mobile Pages to help them serve advertising. They pay me nothing, not a cent to index my material and they cache it to serve for themselves to give credibility to their often dishonest advertising.

I have banned google image bot totally and have let googlebot continue to access files and update them with no-cached versions. Soon I will disappear from the google index, good riddance to them. There are many reasons why you should stop using google, too many to ignore. Here is some of the code to stop them profiting from your work as a publisher.

Ban google, stop this greedy company.

You need to maintain an up-to-date list of google IPs. Google crawler range

1. Put this in robots.txt file. But Googlebot will ignore this and continue to all directories anyway home/
User-agent: Googlebot-Image/1.0 Disallow: /
User-agent: Googlebot-Image Disallow: /
User-agent: Googlebot Disallow:
2. In the head tag of your pages add this code.

Delete my website meta name="Publisher" content=""
meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"
meta name="robots" content="noarchive"
meta name="googlebot" content="noarchive"
meta http-equiv="Cache-control" content="no-cache"

3. On Linux servers You can also add directives to the .htaccess file

A 301 redirection to send googlebot to another page. Piss off google from to this webpage.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} Googlebot [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} otherbadbot [OR]
RewriteRule ^" [R=301,L]

Set images cache to expire quickly

ExpiresActive On
ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 days"
ExpiresByType text/html "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType text/javascript "access plus 20 seconds"
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript "access plus 20 seconds"

Set page cached objects to expire immediately the same as no-cache.

# Cache Headers
Header set Connection keep-alive
# Cache specified files for 3 days
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, private"

# Cache HTML files for 0 days
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, private, must-revalidate"

# Cache PDFs for no time
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, private"
# Cache Javascripts for a no time
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0, private"

4. Continually update your .htaccess adding new Google IPs to ban them from your material.


Google tries to bully ad blocking companies but decides webmasters are easier to intimidate, authors will now have to make a second versions of all webpages to help google advertise. Google gave an illegal advantage to another Google product. Their search engine is a mess of dishonest and illegal advertising. Competition watchdog fine Googled 2.42 billion euro. Googlebot-Image/1.0 requesting thousands of images over and over again. This site does not allow Google to cache webpages or original images. Chinese ( - etc. etc, Russian and Rumanian scrapers and forum scammers attack everyday, maintaining a unique website becomes as much about security as creativitiy and hard research. D'iu ne lo mo chow fah hai.

In 2012, the USA Federal Trade Commission found Google abused its monopoly power in ways that harmed Internet users and competitors. But nothing was done to stop them, perhaps because Google was the second largest contributor to Obama's re-election campaign. Google should have been prosecuted then to demand that they operate within the antitrust laws. Now, with no consequences for their behaviour, they are really out of control and operating illegally. They must be held to account legally by the FTC before they cause further significant damage to consumers and content creators.

Internet Standards are not defined by Alphabet

Since the dawn of the internet, standards have been written by the World Wide Web Consortium. HTML standards, CSS markup tags and such, they were never defined by one person, except perhaps when invented by Tim Burners Lee. Basic webpages are made with html markup tags. ONE version of a webpage could be displayed on any screen. No programming language is required to make a webpage, but google now insists that content creators must now make TWO versions of EVERY webpage and ONE version must be made with javascript.

Alphabet's Google Bully anyone complaining

I complained in writing to google when they started penalizing sites with lower search engine ranking which did not make a separate version of every webpage. Make TWO of everything. Duplicate content to please google! What Bullies! Google call these new pages you must make "Accelerated Mobile Pages" and they must use Google javascript, a LOT of javascript. It turns out Googles' demand that webpasters make webpages the google way, is so they can show advertising which is not affected by Ad-blocking, by companies such as Shine Technologies. Google search advertising is being threatened by web browser software which blocks advertising.

Google's reply is to demand that the entire world makes webpages the Google way or suffer in search engine results. This is monopoly bullying, a Trade Practices Issue in Australia! Possibly illegal under American antitrust laws as well! Please re-post this to anyone prepared to combat Google crime. MAKE WEPAGES the GOOGLE WAY or be squashed like a bug. A misuse of corporate power! This means double the work for every publisher in the world. Damn Google, if you use google you are helping retard the internet with advertising to profit one mammoth bully of a company.

Alphabet's Google is Punishing Critics deleting businesses from search

When competitors asked Alphabet and Google to stop taking their content, it threatened to remove them from its search engine. After making my complaint to google, within 24 hours, they notified me that my website after 20 years of perfectly valid content suddenly failed some vague serious condition and has been de-listed in their search results. I appealed. The appeal took a few weeks while Google delisted me for complaining about their AMP webpage demands. Google tried to ruin me overnight for saying that what they are demanding is legally wrong. Google is demanding we all make webpages with their javascript to help them serve advertising.

How to stop using Google

To promote internet honesty and reduce internet crime, STOP using google as your search engine. Use Bing or DuckDuckGo or msm or anything but google. Install a browser tool like AdTrap or AdBlock Plus to strip advertising from webpages. Set your browser to block pop up javascript windows asking you to like them on facebook or asking you to subscribe to emails. Facebook sell everything about you.

Google Stealing Copyright Work

Google started to treat webmasters, content creators and authors with contempt around 2007. People against Google Until this time if you searched in google for a term that led to my website, as the webmaster I would see server log similar to this bing search

A bing example search shows a single fictitious IP searched for "kids+on+the+goldfield+clothes". I have lots of information on the Australian goldfields in 1854, so Bing search showed my site high in search results for "kids+on+the+goldfield+clothes" told me through server logs that this person was interested in 1850s goldfields clothing. With this information, especially if others were interested, I could improve my historical material and research with more information on 1850s clothing and really try to please potential customers. This is the shit Google shows the webmaster "AFQjCNGLaJrp2pJgkurdmXDEMFINfgQXQw" Alphabet deny the webmaster and educator access to this vital feedback needed to improve their website. GOOGLE steal material they did not create. Alphabet ALWAYS ENCRYPTS the SEARCH TERMS. - - [06/May/2017:03:29:10 -0400] "GET /Dogstar/History/Pics/slygrog3.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 241013 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; Touch; rv:11.0) like Gecko" - - [29/May/2017:19:52:21 -0400] "GET /Dogstar/History/Chronology.html HTTP/1.1" 302 208 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko"

WebServer logs show Google are thieves.

Google is the most arrogant advertising company ever. They encrypt and hide information from content creators. They retard improvements that could be made with vital information that they deliberately obscure. If you search for kids+on+the+goldfield+clothes using Google, they encrypt the search term so even the content creator cannot see it in server logs. Google use your material alongside dodgy advertised sites yet they hide what the customer searched for, they steal copyright content from the website owner, they take and cache copyright material giving nothing in return but obscuration and exploitation.

Alphabet Google Double-speak Language Abuse

Google, ironically Alphabet (Google's Parent Company) often misuses English by arrogantly inventing new IT terms to hide what they are doing, obscuratiion and making things sound very difficult is their modus operandi. Language changes by accepted common usuage, not through bullying by Alphabet or Google's Machiavellian ego-maniacs. Some Google, Alphabet-speak terms from their kindergarten;

"googlecloud", "load balancer in GCP with backend services", "CloudSpanner", "G Suite, Regional, Multiregional", "Nearline or Cold-storage", "bucket classes", "lift-and-shift", "HashiCorp Vault", "Cloud Shell", "GKE", "Smart Parking", "Firestore", etc. etc.

None of these invented words have any meaning outside the google kindergarten. They refuse to use technical English and invent their own gibberish because they are too arrogant to use accepted English and known information technology terms.

Delete Google's database about you

  1. Google embedding computer codes in their Apple devices to reveal to Google websites visited
  2. Google Hacking Master List
  3. Ban google from indexing your websites
  4. Google says you are dead, Googleplex does not provide any support at all
  5. Delete your google searches and database
  6. cloud", "buckets" and "bots

Google Youtube

  1. Vile hate videos that Google's youtube facilitates
  2. YouTube encourages dangerous and misguided stunts
  3. 4 reasons why I switched from Google to Bing
  4. Google and Youtube deep six some viedeo
  5. YouTube supports terrorists sick sermons
  6. google youtube posting images of suicuide victims
  7. Google wrecked youtube their advertising breaches the copyright of authors and artists of the world

Google making robots software to replace humans

  1. Google's robotics operating system for manufacturering to replace humans
  2. Google android 21 Million Victims
  3. Google tax cheats trying to convice others to be fair
  4. Google robots to replace humans
  5. Google discounts defective product which should be withdrawn from sale
  6. TensorFlow Google's walled off android only programming language
  7. Google phones fielding complaints about the Pixel 2
  8. People just hate Google Glass

Censorship by Google and Killing The Press

  1. Google's Nine Censorsip Lists
  1. The autocomplete blacklist of words and phrases censored
  2. The Google Maps blacklist, a list of properties it either blacks out or blurs out
  3. Google YouTube blacklist supports government requests. Google censor for Indonesia and Pakistan
  4. Google account blacklist. If you violate Google's intimidating terms of service you are shut out
  5. Google News blacklist selectively bans news sources excluding conservative news stories critical of Islam
  6. Google AdWords blacklist of business that doesn't meet its moral standards can be ruined overnight
  7. Google AdSense blacklist. Dumping AdSense customers just before Google was scheduled to pay them
  8. Google search engine blacklist. Google's arbitrary punishment program to ruin businesses overnight
  9. The quarantine list. Google adds about 9,500 new websites to its quarantine list a day
  1. Google biased on judging fake news
  2. $800,000 grant from Google to kill off human reporters with AI stories
  3. Google aiming to replace reporters
  4. Where was Google in the Net-Neutrality Fight?
  5. Account Locked. You've violated Google's terms of service
  6. Google censorship maintains nine different blacklists
  7. James Damore's fired by Google his legal case
  8. Google involved in censorship in indonesia
  9. No free speech on gender or politics
  10. Google car will run you over then kidnap you

Political Bribes

  1. Google, AdSense worked for Russia
  2. Much of the company money flowed to senators.
  3. Google and its employees have contributed to all but three of the 55 lawmakers who now sit on the Senate Judiciary
  4. Google fake news questioned by those they donated $1,6 million to
  5. The biggest political lobbyist shutting out competitors
  6. Google puts all the other lobbying operations to shame

Google Arrogance Secret Projects

  1. Google NIMA team thinks AI is the same as a human judge
  2. A right to be Forgotten ignored by Google
  3. Google has managed to duck out of the usual media responsibilities.
  4. Google bully independent researcher and critics like Barry Lynn
  5. Google AI is an imbicile IQ 47.2
  6. MIT researchers ridicule Google image AI
  7. Secretive Google A Menlo Park like Invention Laboratory
  8. Amazon and Google investigated for abusing dominant market position
  9. Google promote hate speech on critics like Bill Muehlenberg
  10. Google denying they steal material to advertise dishonest products
  11. Google demands encrypton and https
  12. Sexist google paying women less than men
  13. Google manipulated search. You must Pay to be listed in search results. Google Panda & Penguin
  14. Google email gmail scans every email for keywords. Hackers love gmail
  15. Stop shovelling Google AMP shit
  16. Google profiles every user
  17. Googlebot ignores robots.txt file indexes all .php forums

Google Advertising Fraud

  1. Google ubiquitous advertising fraud
  2. Google supports clickfraud on their customers
  3. Overspending on underperforming google ads
  4. Target is the preferred retailer for Google Voice Searches
  5. $1500 a month, plus agency fees. The result? Not one sale
  6. Advertising Fraud by bots
  7. Google robbery of AdSense publishers
  8. Google supports illegal online pharmaceutical drug sales
  9. Google rewards criminal networks with advertising money.
  10. Google adwords promots forum spamming on a massive scale

Google's Dishonest search results

  1. Google breach antitrust rules by favoring its own shopping service
  2. Google still not coping with fake news
  3. Five Reasons Not To Use Google Search
  4. Ms Duffy wins four year case defamation case against Google
  5. Google complicit in duping Australians into paying exorbitant fees
  6. Google promotes top paid search result criminal website ripping off consumers
  7. Google's App pushes advertising to AdMob, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Play
  8. Google adverts redirects people to malware websites

Obscure and Wrong Search Ranking Factors

  1. Domain and website age mean nothing, new scamming websites rate higher
  2. A hamburger empji becomes too important.
  3. Responsive design or else
  4. Google demand for https is no security at all.
  5. Google bullyings webmasters regarding web protocol http.
  6. Domain age means nothing 200 Google Factors
  7. Google penalises websites that do not constantly kowtow to their demands
  8. Market Bulling The Google Penalty

Google Discrimination and monopolistic Bullying of Webmasters

  1. Russia to act against Google over search results
  2. Yelps six year battle against google for antitrust violations
  3. Employees rejected by Google solely for their age
  4. Median age at google just 29
  5. Brian Reid at 54, "obsolete and too old to matter"
  6. Open Markets Institute supported an antitrust decision against Google, funding withdraw
  7. Google is a bullying monopoly says ex researcher Barry Lynn
  8. Content creators have lost all their leverage
  9. Google abuses its market dominance by systematically favouring its own comparison shopping service
  10. Google search queries will not be forwarded to a website owner unless the website uses Google advertising.
  11. Stick Google Plus Buttons On Your Pages, Or Your Search Traffic Suffers
  12. Google AMP pages are bullshit
  13. Google penalises websites using better structures ../ faster to load than long URL addresses.
  14. Google penalises websites who do not use their advertising and have larger pages of real content.

Google Chrome browser tracking your every word

  1. Google says Migrate your Chrome apps to the web
  2. Beware Fake Chrome Browser
  3. Google Gmail accounts at high risk of phishing attacks
  4. Google Chrome silently downloading audio listeners
  5. Google Chrome acts as judge and jury on security
  6. Chrome browser extensions injects adware
  7. personal data stolen with a simple trick
  8. The Google Chrome browser records your every click and search terms.
  9. Google Chrome browser allows others to access personal data on your computer.

Google Cloud

  1. Google Could a growing data leakage threat and side-channel attacks
  2. Google's Cloud GPU only gives ypu a 30 second warning
  3. 5,000 takedown requests for files stored on Google's cloud storage service

Copyright theft, tax avoidance, defamation, aiding and abetting criminals

  1. Google's CES booth closed due to rain
  2. Google's "Dutch Sandwich" shielded $24.5 billion from tax in 2016
  3. Google bullying in Australia to steal copyright material
  4. Australian man wins defamation action against google, damages $225,000.
  5. Tech giant Google increasingly sinister
  6. Free google servers for Kansas City Criminals"
  7. Google encrypted search terms deprive authors of a benifit from their work.
  8. Competition watchdog fine Googled 2.42 billion euro
  9. Google aiding and abetting criminal activity
  10. Google staff colluding with Hillary Clinton
  11. Copying millions of books without permission or paying a cent.
  12. Do not use Google Chat App Allo
  13. Data become a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the company. "Goodbye Google"
  14. Tax Avoiding Google says "we" (AntiVirus developers) should give back to the community.
  15. Is Google a mere extension of the CIA.
  16. The problem with google.
  17. Google profits from; Illegal drug sales, piracy and human trafficing .pdf file Jim Hood Miss. AG
  18. Google tailor make searches for you using all the personal data they collect about you.
  19. Google demands that website owners make small pages with very little content.
  20. Google makes money from your personal data.
  21. Google avoids paying tax, corporate IT criminals Google Tax avoiding.

Google Maps

  1. Fake business pages operating for 6-8 years before they were suspended.
  2. Fake business listings on Google Maps
  3. Problems with new Google Maps
  4. Copyright files shared on Google maps

Every bloody day is attacked by criminal networks who conspire to make Google advertising income. Internet crime would be minimal if Google did not exist. They provide the financial motivation for most of the world's internet criminals. Google inspires and motivates the majority, most of the world's internet criminals. Especially, China, Russia, Romania and selected USA criminals, some attack websites spoofing google like the Virginia bastard What does the USA and Australia do about internet criminals and tax avoiding Google? Nothing! They censor and lie and cheat the people and do nothing to tax google or protect website owners from Google motivated crime.

Do not pander to the advertising company google, do not make webpages they way they demand. They steal my content everyday to make advertising dollars for themselves and criminal networks. One Google technical groveller said I should make webpages with absolute URLs using the full domain name which is just stupid, it makes pages slow to load and for every graphic in a page the domain name server is questioned, whereas with relative directories, whole websites can be easily moved to other servers and pages load quicker. One consequence of all this arrogant crime from google is that websites to avoid and deny entry to google advertisers must block most of the world from accessing their website. On this involves a huge security file 600Kb which is checked every time a page item is loaded.

Non technical illiterate Advertisers are fooled by hit counts. I have webpages which print out at over 100 pages, Google directs me to make smaller pages with less content like the many sites with a paragraph or two that say go to the next page for more information, with google advertising on every page. Some webpages have 100 .jpg picture files. So loading one page on my site could be 100 hits, but just from one real person.

If you are using google as your search engine, you are being careless about your security and privacy and are part of the problem supporting internet crime, criminal botnets and forum spamming.

A sample of a few of the millions of bastards who steal and deface the work of others. The full list is a a 300 page 600KB file of internet scum, MOST RECENT criminals attacking this to April 1st 2015. Add these IPS to your spamhaus list of bastards and slimy scum

Other Spammers

Jon Biloh Web Hosting Master for spammers makes money by wrecking others peoples' websites. He sells a large allocation of IPs to spammers and hackers.

BUT The biggest con-artist, criminal and tax avoider on the internet is Google who inspires and motivated forum spammers like Jon Biloh of

Most of the internet criminals fall-over-themselves to get on the thieving IT bandwagon called GOOGLE adwords. A dishonest type of advertising to make criminal dollars by pulling the wool over advertiser's eyes and manipulate search results to censor negative stories about themselves.

Struggling business owners are often IT illiterate and pay Google to advertise on relevant sites, not realising they are throwing money down the IT toilet to Google and they might not get a single sale.

The advertiser is fooled by many hits (But very few sales) and is conned by google while website owners and criminals jump through Google hoops making sites as Google directs with very little real original content.

Criminal networks like some of those listed below make minimal content websites with google advertising and then direct botnets to click on the Google advertising to earn income. Criminal websites with no real or original content and GOOGLE rewards them by taking over half the advertiser's money and gives the balance to the criminals they conspire with and declares NO INCOME in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.

Stop downloading my entire website everyday You will be banned forever if you keep up this DOS like attack.

Netspace is internet service provider for Victorian government schools. The IP range for the proxies are Contact Netspace Education Support on 03 9811 0076. These Victorian schools steal my unique content on the Eureka Stockade every school day with no consideration of my copyright or making a payment.

D'iu ne lo mo chow fah hai. Chinese criminals attack this website everyday, many times a day.

Are you interested in a free press? Let me warn you. THE END IN NIGH. Media Watch on Google and FB Please watch this 15 minute ABC show Media Watch Monday 13th June 2016 which exposes a problem I have had for over a decade. Two companies Facebook (FB) and damn google who take 75% of the online advertising money. Content creators formally got as much as 50%, but content creators like me who do not co-operate with google's dogmatic demands, like making two versions of every webpage so Google can control one javascript version and serve advertising with it. Want to rate high in google search? You must have google advertising and let google take 90% of what the advertiser paid. Internet news sites are being throttled to death by google greed.

Arrogant copyright breaching bastards Google and FB serve up others content as their own "instant news" with their own advertising. We have just TWO YEARS at most before the crunch that google and FB are causing. My site will survive, but most will not, then again I need my ISP and webservers to be available. THE END IN NIGH. No bullshit about it. FB is working hard to overtake Google as the greediest capitalist earth pillaging advertising company ever. Tailor made advertising to your profile, recommendations to buy shit by friends. Reminders you have not purchased toilet paper for a month. Databases full of Coles Woolworths minute details about you.

When I link to any of my webpages on Facebook, the FB web-bots, spiders rush to my webpage and eat the lot and cache it as their own property. I blocked them so below any of my links to from FB will show an Error page 403 Access Denied, but the file is there, just not for FB IPs to steal my work. FB and google are killing off creative authors rights to any remuneration at all. Google scan 20 million books to combine them with google advertising, authors do not get one cent.

Eintritt verboten Who die Scheie are you to try and index every webpage of my site der teufel wird los sein. and Eat shit spammers. Telstra Canberra Reconfigure your server to respect others and do NOT try and Try and download the entire site. 192.74.230. get an honest job. has used Xenu Link Sleuth/1.3.8 to try and check links to but has not acknowledged copyright ownership of content or the robots.txt file directions to index content.

YOU HAVE taken TOO MUCH OF MY WORK Queensland Educational Department - Queensland Educational Department STOP stealing content

This goes on for days, this is less than .0001% of server logs for an Australian educational network attacking everyday for two months. Administrators at first ignored emails asking them to stop until July15th when they acknowledged my complaint and attacks have stopped hopefully for good.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
X-Universally-Unique-Identifier: 25329E7B-0C2E-4520-9122-81F5F06F120C
Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Mail 7.3 \(1878.2\))
Continuing attacks for two months from your servers are illegal

REPLY received 15th July from Netspace an iinet company.

"Netspace iinet is internet service providers, provides web hosting facilities for all the Victorian government schools. The requests that you're looking at are those schools trying to access your site in different occasions.
Since we have a range of proxies, at any given time you can get the requests from different IP's.
You can block all the proxies on your end if necessary to restrict access. The IP range for the proxies are
If you have any further queries, please reply to this email or contact Netspace Education Support on 03 9811 0076."

( Victorian government schools have been demanding content for nothing, demanding access to original content. Breaching our copyright ans contractual conditions for access. Shame on you setting such low standards with unethical attacking internet behaviour as-well-as breaching the copyright of other highly skilled educational nonfiction authors. It is a clear contractual and copyright breach. Acknowledge the advanced skills and highest pedagogical standards and pay for student access. is entitled to present these server logs to The Copyright Agency and demand payment which is due for a contract entered by performance. Contractual conditions A contract accepted by performance. A Cached version of this page. Access Conditions has no advertising, just educational excellence in online self assessments. Rich visual learning materials on Australian history and many other subjects.

Requesting the same file many times a second, tens of thousands of times will get you noticed and listed on spamhaus
Short list of DOS attacking American criminals June 2014. Put these criminal American IPs on your htaccess block lists of scum.

Frequent attacks from [09/Jun/2014:17:49:50 -0400] Time Warner Attacks reported Bing search for solar+system+earth A known bastard listed on all spamhaus databases as a criminal Watch it user-0c8gh2m unless you want to close your account Another bastard Bing search for gif animation Herndon Time Warner criminals Bing search for Fourth+Way+Enneagram LoopJuggle.gif Herndon Time Warner Cable Internet LLC criminals Mexican criminals Rambla Republica de Mexico Mt Laurel NJ criminals Middletown NY criminals - - [07/Jun/2014:06:14:30 -0400] Ashburn VA criminals

More American IT criminals
More attacks from the same American criminals two days in a row.

A new criminal IT network from Mozambique. First DOS attacks on were made by this network on June 3rd 2014.
Notice sent to the University spamhaus and police. - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:47 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:48 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:49 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:50 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:56 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:57 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:57 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302 234 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:12:58 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-" - - [02/Jun/2014:23:13:04 -0400] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 302 222 "-" "-"

The fine print is that accessing once is an invitation to treat, if you continue accessing you thereby form a legally binding contract with the publisher, acceptance of this offer to repeatedly use shall be evidence of the acceptance of all the contractual conditions at A google cached version of this page. Access Conditions

Record your dotted quad IP address number and after payment is made an email will be sent to you asking for these details to allow your access to

Some Internet Thieves are located at Via Fabiani 20097 San Donato Milanese

A poorly hidden Israeli network with dishonest intentions. - Sample server log from trying to download the entire website starting with the webpage on Israeli lobbyist Albert Dadon and Israeli censorship of their killing an Australian man Ben Zieger.
Israeli censorship and buying off Australian politicians through Albert Dadon.

(Good cover name if it were the 1960s. Some Very old Mossad Agents should be retired)
Doris Day Music Services
15 Hamelacha St.
Rosh Ha'ayin Israel 48091

German :  Italian :  French :  Spanish :  Portuguese :  Hungarian :  Korean :  Japanese :  Chinese : 

The worst few thousand IT criminals in America live in Kansas City

Google provided free internet for Kansas city criminals

Kansas city the worst of the USA
The Rustock botnet, which long reigned until 2011 as the world's most active spam-spewing crime machine was mainly hosted from Wholesale Internet in Kansas City which still in 2014 has a growing list of American internet forum spammers and criminal IT networks, all operaring from Kansas City attacking and many other international websites. American security! Please rade these servers again as you did in 2011, trace and track these Kansas IP networks each with a range of 7 unique IPs - - - - - - - -

More kansas City criminals! Does America send all it's failed IT intellectually inferior workers to Kansas City, Missouri? Does anyone have an honest job in Kansas City?
Kansas Bringing the name of the USA on the internet into disrepute.
The growing local industry of Kansas City is internet crime, another criminal gang from Kansas City to, and DataShack - Thousands of unique IP addresses are being used by American criminals in Kansas! OVH (NWK) 165 Halsey Street Newark NJ

Texan Criminal networks

American criminals as well from Formless Networking San Francisco Apart from Kansas City, a lot of American internet crime comes from rented servers in Texas. Australia is Bigger'n Dallas and Texas mate literally 696,200 km2 to Aus 7,617,930 square kilometers. The time to kill a snake is when he raises his head. Jebal ta pes ! gun ni ma de dan
More Dishonest Texas servers. 108.62.236.
108.62.239. -
DFW Datacenter
3000 Irving Blvd Dallas

Multiple DOS attacks from American iternet criminals FLEX-MARKETING-GROUP 1841 Broadway Suite 911 New York on 10th february 2013. If you are hiding who you are, you are not welcome Vos dizaines de messages de spam ont EtE supprimEs en 15 minutes. Frog malhonnite Obtenez un travail honnite. - Jesteś szumowiny. Stockholm Hosted French Spammers Vous perdez votre temps spamming de ce site

Telstra Canberra Reconfigure your server to respect others and do NOT try and Try and download the entire site. 192.74.230. get an honest job. Downloading the entire site is verboten

Dishonest Russians on the internet hacking companies

Russia hacked hundreds of companies worldwide?

A new UK criminal

Chinese criminals run a close second to google for criminal activity

China a criminal state on the internet - Hangzhou ZHEJIANG PLEASE STOP. The world is watching China disrespecting all others, deliberately and professionally being criminals of the world internet. China use government Chinese Cyber Spy networks of hackers to attack the world internet. Companies like Huawei should be aware of the world watching China steal and destroy the creative work of other great and diverse peoples.

Huawei Lobby Australian Politicians

Former Victoria premier John Bullshit Brumby and navy veteran John Lord are board members of Huawei Australia, along with former foreign minister Alexander Downer (Downer now organises Huawei sponsored free trips for other influential Australians like John Roskam and Michael Wesley). "Huawei spies for Beijing" said Retired four-star general Michael Hayden. General Hayden said he was approached to join Huawei's American board, he resisted having more integrity than many Australian MPs. Since August 2011 six federal Coalition MPs plus staffers, including Julie Bishop, Andrew Robb (Robb Promoted and defended Huawei in parliament after his free first class indoctrination trip), Paul Fletcher, Steve Ciobo, Alex Hawke, and Bronwnyn Bishop have disclosed they accepted airfares, accommodation and hospitality paid for by Huawei. This is China buying influence from greedy capitalists. Labor MPs Alan Griffin, Harry Jenkins and Maria Vamvakinou also took the freebies.

Huawei has also escorted numerous "useful idiots" in the press on trips to the Huawei Shenzhen headquarters. These trips are then followed by detailed support outlining Huawei's case glossing over security concerns. Companies like Huawei spy for China. Chinese security risk companies. Huawei Manager Kevin Ho demonstrates there is a deep flaw in the Company way of thinking. Mr Ho unashamedely, undemocratically with no consideration of human rights wants to record your every move, to "know" your emotions and personality and replace people with digital "records", This ambitious childlike Dr Frankenstein reveals that Huawei is really all about state control. Ho arrogantly states he will restore the real world from his digital world records. His desire for a strong connection might be wires into your brain.

Huawei is inspired by Science Fiction, the darker elements it seems they have developed a resurrection strategy from Brave New World and 1984. The Huawei gestault company philosophy is Frankenstein meets 1984 Thought Police in A Brave New World. Ho will be allowed to research and hardwire a few factory workers. Where are research standards in China? Where are human rights in china? Rhetorical questions! The next generation of the Orwellian "Thought Police" is being planned right now at Huawei. Mr Ho assumes that low sound and low definition vision is enough to replace all human senses and provide a "human experience". Many memories are triggered by other senses.

Qu Ni De! Sek si go niang yang de Chinese criminals from Zhejiang and JIANGSU 142.4. China is a criminal state on the internet and must be held to account along with Romania and the Ukrane as well as others including Texans Prism related servers. China! No wonder Huawei is suspect in the USA and Australia though Huawei pay millions to corrupt and greedy politicians to support them. Huawei scrape the bottom of the barrel of retiring greedy Americans and Australians to get support, when to me IT IS OBVIOUS SERVER LOGS SHOW AGAIN AND AGAIN CHINA IS A CRIMINAL STATE ON THE INTERNET. Chinese sites attack this site everyday, many times a day as well as organised criminal botnets of many thousands computer IPS all requesting the same non-existent file I left for them to &€¥†×ô€F find then deleted. Make your own websites China, Russians know better but like crime, Ukranians as well. We can't cotton to stealing from others? Your permission to access Heretic Press has been denied.

More Ukrainians. Get a real honest job. Someone from your server might have been downloading too many files for offline viewing, spamming the forums or breaching copyright and access conditions.

Your IP address might be close to known spammer or has been trying to access password protected files or scripts or is hotlinking to my images?

Pay the subscription fee above and send me your IP address you want unblocked to access Two hours a day on security just to stop criminals from the Ukrane China Russia Romania even swaggering Texans and many other good-for-nothings who aim to destroy and steal the hard work of other publishers.

Meanwhile the Australian government is banning innocent websites while they allow Australian websites to be hacked with no comment and no support for Julian Assange Australian publisher facing false rape allegations from Swedish Americans who forgot the First Amendament. Luddites!

All sites are banned, all IPs and all domain host names as well. - Hangzhou ZHEJIANG PLEASE STOP. - Hangzhou.

China use government Chinese Cyber Spy networks of hackers to attack the world internet. Companies like Huawei should be aware of the world watching China steal and destroy the creative work of other great and diverse peoples.

Qu Ni De! Sek si go niang yang de 中國罪犯從浙江和江蘇142.4。中國是一個在互聯網上的犯罪狀態 Chinese criminals from Zhejiang and JIANGSU 142.4. - Fujian Province Network China is a criminal state on the internet and must be held to account along with Romania and the Ukrane as well as others including Texans Prism related servers. China! No wonder Huawei is suspect in the USA and Australia though Huawei pay millions to corrupt and greedy politicians to support them. Huawei scrape the bottom of the barrel of retiring greedy Americans and Australians to get support, when to me IT IS OBVIOUS SERVER LOGS SHOW AGAIN AND AGAIN CHINA IS A CRIMINAL STATE ON THE INTERNET. 明顯服務器日誌顯示,一次又一次的互聯網上,中國是一個犯罪國家 Chinese sites attack this site everyday, perhaps 因為我們是中國間諜華為公司的關鍵 because we are critical of Chinese spy company Huawei many times a day as well as organised criminal botnets of many thousands computer IPS all requesting the same non-existent file I left for them to &€¥†×ô€F find then deleted. 中國使自己的網站 Make your own websites China, Russians know better but like crime, Ukranians as well. We can't cotton to stealing from others? Your permission to access Heretic Press has been denied.

Someone from your server might have been downloading too many files for offline viewing, spamming the forums or breaching copyright and access conditions.

Your IP address might be close to known spammer or has been trying to access password protected files or scripts or is hotlinking to my images?

Pay the subscription fee from another computer and send me your IP address you want unblocked to access this site. Excessive access without payment is against the copyright and access conditions, I pay for you to download my pages and work while 80% of web traffic is malicious. Two hours a day on security just to stop criminals from the Ukrane China Russia Romania even swaggering Texans and many other good-for-nothings who aim to destroy and steal the hard work of other publishers.

Meanwhile the Australian government is banning innocent websites while they allow Australian websites to be hacked with no comment and no support for Julian Assange Australian publisher facing false rape allegations from Swedish Americans who forgot the First Amendament. Luddites!

My apology if you are innocent of everything and unfairly banned. Most proxies sites are banned as well, but you might find a proxy site with limited access.

Use another computer network with a good reputation, Nota Bene take-note of your ISP address dotted quad IP numeric address you want ganted access and email me from the contact page after you have paid the individual IP or group IP subscription and I will enable your networks access.

19 years so far. We have ten year plans, we have been around a long-time in internet years and we will be around for the long term future"

Israeli Zionist Criminals

The best of Judaism True Torah Jews peace loving and non violent Israeli Ministry of Finance visits often to support Australian Zionist lobbyist Bloody Albert Dadon to try and have Australians ignore images of Palestinian bloodshed. True Torah Jews have had their peaceful religion hijacked by violent nationalists who treat the rest of the world as goyim. Non servium Israel. All good Jews should refuse to serve in the Israeli Defence Force. Israeli sites have been attacking articles critical of Zionist warmongers.

An Israeli IP from a kibbutz in Yakum central Israel has been attacking thousands of times a day, everyday, since Tuesday 25th July 2013. Another new attacker from Israel starting Thursday 25th July was from Hasivim 25 Petach-Tikva,Israel Israeli IP XFONE COMMUNICATION LTD Petach Tikva, Israel 5.102.192. - 5.102.223. Sorry if you are a non Violent Jew, but the entire country of Israeli Zionist warmongers are not welcome in Australia and are becoming the most hated nation on earth. The UN and world has had enough of Zionist warmongers. Israel is a criminal state, Australia will not assisting criminal actions by Israel in future and lobbying by Israel will be exposed as Israel is further isolated as a state guilty of major transgressions against many peoples:

Capricorn Society Limited Trying to download the entire site now banned. Settle down Canberra deny from No need to try and download the entire site.

Canadian criminals from deny from 192.147.213.

A consistent violator of our copyright and access conditions by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane - Now banned from further access until a subscription is taken out for multi IP access.

deny from Trying to download the entire site following every unrelated link. Search for "hereticpress and Michael Danby" Access to once is complimentray, by return visits you are accepting a contractual offer to pay for access. You are now banned for further access until payment is received. HongKong Commercial Internet Exchange Now banned for excessive file requests. Go away. you have been reported for amateur attempts to hack php scripts. Get a day job, as a hacker you are a joke.

Subscription Required for Access

If you wish to use Heretic Press online resources, there is an annual fee of $450 USD for multiple IP 255 addresses to access this site. Server logs on are monitored and archived daily. Any military, commercial organisation or educational institution using this resource without compensation to the publisher may be breaching the publisher's copyright and legal action could be taken to protect the publisher's and author's rights.

Access Denied

Deny from Don't take too much copyright work search? there is no need to try and download the entire site! PLOD It is not permitted to download the entire site. Ukrainian mobile phone network. GET AN HONEST JOB. Internet crime will not pay or save you from being caught and tried. To save trouble I would recommend that webmasters ban all IPs from; Ukrania, Latvia, Russia and especially China. Canberra IP, don't try and download the entire site. Multiple forum users from the same IP is not allowed!

Visitors visiting the forum from a proxy server will be banned. If you are hiding who you are or where you are from, you are not welcome at the main site. If your IP or server is listed with you might be automatically banned from the main website. If you post links in your profile to gambling or online pharmacies you will be banned from access. There is no gogle advertising on If you are seeking to increase your google pagerank by adding links from hereticpress, you will be banned from access. Nairobi Institute IP - YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED to your Institution administrators for your DOS attack today on 21st June 2011. Either your IP addresss or your user host (possibly both) has been excluded from access to this site. Some whole ranges of IPs who collect email addresses are prohibited and you may be an innocent victim with an IP number very close to an IP that collects email for spam lists.

Another reason for being banned is that you have downloaded too many pages too quickly for offline viewing. If you do not have a fixed IP address, a web page indexing robot from your IP might have violated the Robots.txt file rules or the copyright and access conditions.

Some of the dishonest sites who steal our work. Hotlinkers. If you live in a country covered by the DMCA you can be jailed for stealing other Copyright material. Canada has no laws and Viagra scammers everywhere, Nigera's national product is dishonesty, Russia is a criminal mafia state on the web, Romania as well, China has made attacking websites a national military objective.

ANYONE hotlinking to will be banned forever from accessing the main site again. Unfortunatey to keep files small sometimes innocent users are banned for countries and webservers who specialise in dishonesty. Sorry if you are innocent, but someone from your server or webhost might have been downloading too many files for offline viewing or may have breached copyright and access conditions.

Your IP address or Host might be listed with or might be close to a known spammer or has been trying to access password protected files or scripts or is hotlinking to my copyrighted images and animations. Caveat Beware I will replace hotlinked images and animations with any image I choose and make formal Digital Millenium Copyright Complaints AS well as having any hotlink sites using my content removed from the Google search engine index!

Excessive access without payment is against the copyright and access conditions, I pay for you to download my pages, from this redirection away from, below you can pay the individual IP or group IP subscription fee and shout me a meal if you wish to access my site.

A few of the titles you are missing

Server logs show who visits this site and the search engine search terms they used, government ministers are no different but more accountable, for example WilsonShorten.txt.

Many Image scrapers hotlinking to my images and animations to make money from my work are banned. Sorry, Sometimes the innocent are also banned accidently. Many users are banned by scripts which detect direct access to the "guestbook.cgi" script. Malicious users try to use server cgi scripts to forward spam emails to make it appear that they are from this site. To date no attempts to redirect cgi scripts have succeeded. Many other banned users have been collecting email addresses to add to spam email lists. There are many email contacts in these pages to propogate in any databases for sending emails to people who do not exist. There are also other security measures. If you are after email contacts there are lots for you here. Contacts

Banned individuals educational and military access

Governments who do not support a free press are banned depending on their tolerance for free speech, but if they do not physically attack us and they try to destroy our democracy by being the local sherrif for the USA. Support Assange, Wickileaks and honour the Bill of Rights even if America does not.

Educational institutions and military organisations may be banned for not paying subscription fees. Military operations tend to try and download the entire site in one sitting and will be automatically banned. Please heed the Copyright of original resources and the Access conditions. Server logs and data downloads are monitored on heretic press. Before being permanently banned users are warned with an access temporarily denied message when server logs show many users from one IP address which is not a registered subscriber.

Server logs on Heretic Press are monitored and archived daily. Any military, commercial organisation, legal firm or educational institution using this resource without compliance with the access conditions or compensation to the publisher may be breaching the publisher's copyright and legal action could be taken to protect the publisher's and author's rights.

Reproduction of Heretic Press content is prohibited. Attempts to alter any heretic Press material could result in criminal prosecution.

Sorry If you have been unfairly excluded from Heretic Press, Please record you IP four digit number and your host name as well as the date and time your access was first denied and you will be contacted after you subscribe.

Heretic Press reserves the right to ban any IP addresses Host or user agent from this website.

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