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URBS is designed as a tool for Engineers and Scientists involved in river management

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Delft FEWS Integration and ARMA updating.


URBS is used for operational flood forecasting throughout Australiasia.

URBS is used for design flood estimation.

URBS incorporates a Monte-carlo stocastic modelling module and runs 10000 model runs in less than 15 minutes

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URBS is a continuous/event rainfall runoff routing model. The model has been under development over the past 15 years. Its technical basis is in the work carried out by Laurenson & Mein and later as WT42 developed by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines. The primary focus of its development has been flood forecasting and design flood estimation. Central to its development is the philosophy that the model is a tool that can be readily employed by flood forecasting practitioners. This demanded a modular approach - one that facilitates good data management and interfacing with external inputs and outputs.