Over the years I have visited many sites, spending many hours wandering through hundreds of pages of information and entertainment.

I don't consider the time spent as time wasted. There is so much to learn; there is so much to enjoy!

The only thing that continues to surprise me is the apparent reluctance of many webmasters who consider linking to other sites a chore. It almost seems that they are wary of 'competition', and deliberately choose not to link. How shortsighted of them!

Linking to other sites that contain similar content is a blessing for visitors with a busy schedule. Often they don't have the time to do in-depth searches for a particular topic or subject, and so they close their browser and give up the chase. That's sad. If only the webmaster had had the foresight to include links to sites with similar content, it is just possible that the 'dissatisfied' visitor would bookmark and return, knowing that the site he or she has just visited is a 'friendly' and helpful site.

If you are reading this, and the cap fits, please consider looking at your 'LINKS' once again.

Oh, did I forget to mention that it also increases visitor traffic to your site, and is looked on favourably by Google?


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