Therefore, next time some says they are colour blind, think of it as another trait that makes them unique and not as a personal downfall. For parents of a colour blind child , never let them abandon their dreams because of colour blindness."  Robert Earle.


Many jobs require the ability to distinguish between colours, either implicitly or explicitly. Whether or not an individual with colour vision defects is capable of doing a particular job depends on the degree and variation of the defect, and the importance of accurate colour distinction to the job function.

Not all employers test for non-defective colour vision, and those that do sometimes use only a simple screening test, which may exclude mildly affected individuals unnecessarily.

From the viewpoint of the individual with defective colour vision, it is not advisable to enter into employment where colour discrimination is an important factor, in case it affects career prospects in the future. On the other hand, there is no point in ruling out a particular career if the disability is mild and manageable. The crucial first step is to establish the degree of disability (JOB TEST.) then make informed decisions. 
Extract © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2006 )

Can you think of a career that does not include using colour in some way?   Employers can also make some allowances at the work place and do not forget your CDV customers and check your web pages?

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CDV students need sensitive career counselling. CDV students should not be swayed from their chosen career but drawn to the challenges that lie ahead.  Some CDV students have overcome their colour affliction but they require support and understanding.

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