Colour blindness is not a lesion, just a difference    J .P. Calvert


If you would like us to send you further information, literature, pamphlets or just give some practical help or hints with colour blind issues, we would be only to pleased to assist. Information, strategy sheets and pamphlets are available in electronic form by e-mail or hard copy that can be sent free of charge by mail.

We have pamphlets for
parents and strategy sheets for teachers to suit Pre -School,  Primary and Secondary schooling, including career challenges.

Employers we would like to be able to assist you with any colour issues at your work including signs, colour coding, employees and or customer base including web pages.

Any information supplied is confidential and only used to help assist you with your enquiry .
We have members with different classifications of CDV and offer practical support .

We are a volunteer non for profit group and do not receive any financial funding. We do have available for purchase at cost, a 114 page paper back UNDERSTANDING COLOUR BLINDNESS BOOK "I see RED when you see Green" including web-links, sketches, simple diagrams to further explain COLOUR BLINDNESS and supplement our pamphlets.
The book details are set out next page.


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