Richard FAWCETT and Euphemia Spence BEGG are my 3rd Great Grandparents.

Their son, Richard James FAWCETT, is my 2nd Great Grandfather who married Susannah Maria WILLIAMS.


FAWCETT: Anglo-Saxon in origin and is a locational name which can derive from the place called "Fawcett" in Cumberland or from "Facit" in Lancashire. "Fawcett" is recorded in 1247 as "Faxide", and in 1282 as "Fausyde", while "Facit" is first recorded in the Records of Whalley Abbey, Lancashire circa 1250 as "Fagheside". Both places share the same meaning and derivation, which is the "multi-coloured hillside", derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century "fag", "Fah", brightly coloured, variegated, flowery with "side", slope. The modern surname, which can be found in a variety of forms, ranging from "Fawcett", "Fawcitt", "Faws(s)ett" and "Faucett" to "Fausset(t)", "Fasset" and "Fossitt", may also derive from the place called "Forcett" in North Yorkshire which derives from the Old English "ford", ford and "sete", house, settlement.

map of England & Wales showing location of Westmorland


Map of England showing Westmorland




Euphemia Spence BEGG

Richard FAWCETT was born about 13th Jun 1819 in Warcop, Westmorland, England. He was baptised on 30th Jun 1819 at Warcop.

His parents are James FAWCETT & Agnes ALDERSON. His paternal grandparents are William FAWCETT & Mary FENTON. His maternal are William ALDERSON & Agnes THORNBURROW.


Richard came out to Australia about 1840. I donít have any details on the exact date or what ship Richard came out on yet. He was apparently a silk merchant and settled in George St, Sydney. His religion was Church of England.

It is believed that Richard FAWCETT came to Australia with his brother. There is a Sydney Morning Herald death notice on the 8th Sep 1854 stating the death of Richardís nephew Thornborough FAWCETT: "FAWCETT, T T (Thornborough) On Thursday evening, 7th instant, at the residence of Mr. Richard Fawcett, Lower George-street, his nephew, Mr. T. T. Fawcett, aged 19 years." His nephew died on the same day as the death of Richard's son, John Milner FAWCETT - perhaps there is a connection to these deaths?


Richard FAWCETT married Euphemia Spence BEGG on the 24th May 1843 in Sydney NSW. (NSW Marriage Reg. 680 Vol 27C)


Richard FAWCETT purchased the property "Glenridding", in the Singleton NSW area, from Abraham BRIELY for 1000 pounds on 20th August 1846. Glenridding is the name of a town in Cumbria, England, which is near Warcop.

The FAWCETT's also lived in the Botany area of Sydney, and in the city area (George St).


Euphemia Spence BEGG was born 12th May 1818 in Inverness, Scotland. Her parents are George BEGG & Euphemia CUNNINGHAM. George BEGG died in Sydney, Australia on 6th March 1867. George BEGG was noted as being a "Gentleman", as was Richard FAWCETT.


Euphemia came out to Australia around the year 1837 from Scotland, most likely as an unassisted immigrant paying her way.


Euphemia's father, George BEGG, did not come out to Australia until about 1854.



Euphemia Begg.jpg



MCj03646820000[1]Richard FAWCETT died on 5th May 1857 at Tarban Creek. He was buried 7th May 1857. The burial was held in the Parish of Camperdown, County of Cumberland. (He is buried at Camperdown Cemetery View Burial Butt). Richard's surname is spelt FAUCETT on his burial certificate. His profession was noted as being a "Gentleman".
(NSW Burial Reg. 5948 Vol: 122A)


MCj02396570000[1]Tarban Creek was a mental asylum now called Gladesville Mental hospital in Sydney. No records of Richardís stay at Tarban Creek have been found as yet. Richard's last daughter, Elizabeth Begg FAWCETT was born 24th February 1857, and Richard died on the 5th May 1857, so if he was a patient at Tarban Creek, then he might have been admitted mid-late 1856 or early 1857, or was allowed to come and go?

I still have more investigation to do on this part of Richard's life.


MCj03646820000[1]Euphemia Spence FAWCETT (nee BEGG) died 31st May 1906 at Glenridding NSW Australia.

(NSW Death Reg. 1906/006760)


She was buried on 1st Jun 1906 at Glenridding Uniting Cemetery, Singleton NSW Australia.


Grave - Glenridding Cemetery - Euphemia Spence FAWCETT.jpg


j0338158Richard & Euphemia FAWCETT had 9 children:

-         Richard James (born 10th January 1843 at Botany NSW, died 26th June 1918 at Gosford NSW, married Susannah Maria WILLIAMS on 02 Feb 1870 at Gowrie NSW)

-         George Thornborough (born 19th June 1844 in Sydney NSW, died 27th October 1916 at Gunnedah NSW, married Anne LUPTON in 1874 at Tamworth NSW)

-         Edmund Lamb (born 13th November 1845 in Sydney NSW, died 30th November 1925 at Manly NSW, Edmund never married)

-         Mary J (born 17th September 1847 in Sydney, died 30th May 1933 in Burwood, Sydney NSW, married Andrew Eric JOHNSTON on 1st Dec 1869 at Patricks Plain NSW)

-         John Milner (born 6th August 1849 in Sydney, died 7th September 1854 in Sydney NSW);

-         Euphemia Jane (born 28th June 1851 in Sydney NSW, died 7th July 1880 South Yarra VIC, married Alexander Lindsay FAWCETT 7th Jan 1874 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Singleton NSW. She moved to Melbourne with her husband.);

-         Thomas Alderson (born 4th July 1853 at Newtown, Sydney, died 20th Jul 1922 Singleton NSW, married Deborah GREEN in 1883 in Sydney NSW);

-         Thornborough John (born 14th May 1855 at Penrith NSW, died 9th Jun 1941 Muswellbrook NSW. Never married)

-         Elizabeth Begg (born 24th Feb 1857 at Penrith NSW, died 21st Oct 1858 at Penrith NSW).


Richard James Fawcett 1843- 1918

Glenridding (Glennie) Fawcett

Edmund (Eddie) Glenridding Fawcett

Stuart Glenridding Fawcett

Merton Carlysle Maggie Fawcett with Cliff Olive(onknee) Lance

Cecil & Mary Fawcett Wedding

Richard James FAWCETT

Glenridding FAWCETT, Son of Thomas Alderson FAWCETT

Edmund Glenridding FAWCETT , Son of Thomas Alderson FAWCETT

Stuart Glenridding FAWCETT, Son of Thomas Alderson FAWCETT

Merton Carlysle FAWCETT & his family. Son of Richard James FAWCETT

Cecil Aubrey FAWCETT & his wife, Mary. Son of Richard James FAWCETT



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