Failsafe Recipes

1. Soup

Nana's Chicken Soup

2. Mains

Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken Pie
Chicken and Cashews
Hugh's Spring Rolls
Lamb Stew
Meat Pies
Microwave Rice
Mince Stir Fry with Chokos
Stir Fry

3. Desserts

Butterscotch Pudding
Caramel Sauce
Caramel Meringue
Carob Fudge Pudding
Caroline's Cheesecake
Meringues in the Microwave
Mock Maple Syrup
Rice Pudding
Swede/Rutabaga and Pear Puree
Product: Cahills Old Fashioned Fudgy Caramel Sauce

4. Baking - general

Pastry  (1) GF
Pastry (2) GF
Home made GF flour (1)
Rice Flour Pie Crust

5. Bread

 Bread and rolls in the Breadmaker
Bread Gluten-free (1)
Bread Gluten Free (2)
Bread Gluten free (3)
Bread Gluten free (4)
Buttermilk Bread
Damper Gluten Free
Rice Bread
White Rice Quick Bread

6. Muffins

 Pear Muffins
Deborah's Muffins
Gluten free Muffins

7. Cakes

Basic Plain Cake / Variations
Butter Cake
Chick Pea Cake
Daniel's Little Cakes GF DF EF
Marble Cake GF
Pear Cake (NO EGGS)

8. Biscuits

Biscuits for the Masses
Carob Brownies
Carob Chip Biscuits
Cashew Biscuits
Daniel's Biscuits GF DF EF
Quick Biscuits/Slice
Sweet Slice
Wheatbix Slice

9. Pancakes/Waffles

Banana Pikelets
Waffle/Pancake mix GF EF DF
Buckwheat Pancakes
Rice and Tapioca Waffles

10. Spreads

Carob Cashew Spread
Cashew Paste

11. Sweets


12. Drinks

Rice Milk

13. Miscellaneous

Robin's Dressing GF
Salt and Vinegar Chips
Lunch Box ideas
Meal Ideas

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