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Pet Cockatiels for sale

Pet Cockatiels For Sale


Handraised Cockatiels December 2013


Babies ready to go now



Pastelface Pied

Pastelface Platinum Pied x 3

Platinum Pied x 2

Platinum Pearl

Lutino (Male)

Normal Grey x 2

Whiteface grey

Spangle (male)



Ready in a few weeks


Whiteface Platinum Pearl  SOLD

Pearl x 2 (1 sold)

Lutino x 3

Cinnamon Lutino

Normal grey x 3

Pied (male)




These are the pairs currently breeding our handraised pet cockatiels for sale





Parents:   Dad     Midas            Lutino

                   Mum    Jewel            Lutino


Colours:  Lutino

Status:  5 Babies ready in 5 weeks



Lutino juveniles 

Example of colour


Whiteface Platinum


Parents:   Dad      Tony     Whiteface Platino

                   Mum     Patti      Platinum Pearl/Whiteface


Colours: Whiteface Platinum Pearl  SOLD 



                  Platino & Platino Pearl

                  Platinum Pearl


Status: More babies on the way



Tony - Dad


Parents:   Dad    Omega  Platinum/Whiteface/Pearl/Pied

                   Mum   Delta     Platinum Pied/Whiteface


Colours: Platinum Pied

                  Platinum Pearl Pied

                  Whiteface Platinum Pied    

                  Whiteface Platinum Pearl Pied   


Status:  Eggs in the nest


Previous baby

Pastelface Platinum Pied


Parents:   Dad      Luca        Pastelface platinum pied

                   Mum     Francis   Whiteface pearl pied


Colours: Whiteface Platinum Pied    

                  Whiteface Platinum Pearl Pied

                  Whiteface Pied    

                  Whiteface Pearl Pied

                  Pastelface Platinum Pied    

                  Pastelface Platinum Pearl Pied

                  Pastelface Pied    

                  Pastelface Pearl Pied


All the babies from these parents are guaranteed sexed


Status:  Some Being Handraised

now and more on the way!




Picture coming soon


Other babies of same and different mutations will be also available!!


Phone now to book your new Pet Cockatiel!!

Ph 07 3269 9590

Email: jo-annewatts@optusnet.com.au




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please email any enquiries or comments to
Email: jo-annewatts@optusnet.com.au

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