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Whiteface Cockatiels are a stunning sight that stands out from most other colours in that it contains no orange cheekpatch or yellow colouration at all. The male is the most eyecatching of the 2 sexes having the true white face that gives this mutation its name. Hens of this mutation retain the greyish colour of the juvenile bird and do not ever get the brilliant contrasting white face against the very dark grey body colour. When Whiteface is combined with other mutations it creates other visually appealing colours that further enhance the beauty of the cockatiel.


Cinnamon Whiteface Cockatiel                    Pied Whiteface Cockatiels                    Pearl Whiteface Cockatiels



Genetics and Heredity

The Whiteface Cockatiels mutation is created by an autosomal recessive gene that deactivates the production of the yellow pigments. Basically all yellows and oranges are totally absent in the whiteface and it is apparent even in the newly hatched chick of this mutation. As soon as a chick hatches a whiteface bird can be determined by the white down. All other colours have yellow down except for the whiteface.


In parrots this mutation is referred to as 'Blue'. As most people are aware that yellow and blue make green, in the usual green coloured parrot species when the yellow is removed we are left with basically blue. In cockatiels which are not green coloured but in fact grey, the gene still in effect removes the yellows and oranges but leaves a grey bird lacking the characteristic orange cheekpatches and yellow facial colouring.


Cinnamon Pearl Whiteface Lutino henFor a cockatiel to be a whiteface bird.....ie have no yellow or orange colours ....it must have got a whiteface gene from both of it's parents and thus have a pair of whiteface genes. Recessive means that if it has only one gene from 1 parent and none from the other then the gene will not be able to express itself and thus the bird will be said to be split to whiteface. Therefore it is possible to breed visually Whiteface Cockatiels from two parents that do not look whiteface but do carry a single gene each and pass them on to the same chick.


                         Whiteface Pied cock                   Cinnamon Pearl Whiteface Lutino                  Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl Pied hen                  Whiteface split Pied hen



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