Corin's Stall at the Market

  If you're interested in any of the items displayed on this page and would like to discuss payment and delivery options, send an email to:
  Scientific Instruments
  I've currently only listed the diptych sundial under this heading. In future I plan to add other types of sundials as well as instruments such as astrolabes, torquetum, theodolites and the like. Scientific Instruments Page
  Adjustable Diptych Sundial

Portable sundial based on a type of sundial popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. It can be adjusted to be used in all SCA groups within Australia.

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  Wine Mulling Gear  
  Spice Box

Wooden spice box with sliding lid. Has 6 compartments with spices for mulled wine. The box may also be purchased empty for other purposes.

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$20 empty
$25 with spices
  Wine Mulling Poker

Wooden handled poker for mulling wine in a goblet or tankard (tavern mug not included : )

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  Making Fire

I've found there's little that is more satisfying in my SCA experience than eating a spit roast that has been cooked on a campfire that I've lit using period firestarting methods. The combination of the tinder box and flint and steel below provide all you need to bring period fire lighting to your own campsite.
  Tinder Box

Wooden tinderbox with sliding lid. Contains charcloth, tinder, burning lens, flint and steel striker. Everything you need to make fire the old fashioned way. The box may also be purchased empty for other purposes.

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$10 empty

$25 with charcloth, tinder, glass, flint and steel striker
  Four Finger Steel Striker and Flint

Four finger steel striker and flint. The four finger striker makes it far less likely you'll skin your knuckles on the flint while lighting your fire.

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  Leather Work

Here are a couple examples of the bags and pouches on offer. I'll add more designs in the future.

If you would like something specific you can send me a picture and we can negotiate a price.
  Belt Pouch

Hand stitched leather belt pouch. Has metal button closure, gusseted main pouch and flat front pouch.

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  Shoulder Bag

Hand stitched leather shoulder bag. Has a gusseted main pouch with flap and separate pouches on the front and back with metal button closures.

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