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Gideon Polya has a wide range of artistic interests including drawing (portraits, cartoons, designs), painting (abstract figurative, landscape) and sculpture (abstract figurative).

His numerous scientific publications (some 120 biochemical works over 4 decades) have successively dealt with the biochemistry of plant energy transduction, second messenger-mediated plant signal transduction, plant defence (especially the structure and function of plant defensive proteins) and the targets of plant bioactive compounds.

He recently published a huge pharmacological reference text: Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds. A pharmacological reference guide to sites of action and biological effects (864 pages, 500 pages of Tables, 4 Indexes, 3 Appendices; Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, London & New York, 2003).

A Plant Common Name Index makes Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds accessible to laypersons as well as to science students and professionals in Medicine, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Botany & other Life Sciences, Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Complementary Medicine including Alternative, Herbal & Chinese Medicine.

His extensive writing at a science/society interface has been largely concerned with entrenched lying by commission and omission in free, open societies.

In particular, he has been concerned with the extraordinary deletion of man-made mass mortality events (such as the World War 2 Bengal Famine) from historiography in the English-speaking world (a white-washing or rubbing-out process he has described as Austenizing after Jane Austen, who - quite legitimately as an artist - deleted the awful realities of the contemporary world from her exquisite novels).

Detailed accounts of horrendous but forgotten man-made famine holocausts in British India - variously including his discovery of the true story behind Jane Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility - have been published in his book Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History (Polya, Melbourne, 1998), in Jane Austen Antipodean Views (eds Susannah Fullerton & Anne Harbers, Wellington Lane, Sydney, 2001), Tirra Lirra & various web-accessible sources.

Much of his current research and writing at the science/society interface is concerned with the extraordinarily general non-reportage of horrendous, man-made, avoidable mass mortality in the non-European World that is causally linked to malignant First World impositions (notably militarization, economic exclusion, debt and war). He is concerned about horrendous global impositions by internally decent, democratic societies such as the UK, US and Australia that derives from what has been described by their supporters as democratic imperialism but which deserves the appellation democratic Nazism & presently
involves democratic tyranny, civil rights abuse, human rights abuse, anti-terror abuses, UK-US state terrorism and deliberate state exacerbation of criminal non-state terrorism coupled with hysterical and dishonest mainstream media reportage. This democratic decency/ unfeeling barbarity dichotomy is particularly evident with the Black crimes of White Australia - racism, genocide, ecocide, terracide, mass infanticide, media lying by omission, media non-reportage & holocaust denial (see LINKS) - FOR EXAMPLE the UNREPORTED Coalition war crimes in Iraq - IRAQ BODY COUNT 1.0 million avoidable post-invasion Iraq civilian deaths. He is currently completing a detailed book on global avoidable mortality. Philosophy: commitment to truth, beauty, reason, free speech & friendship; peace is the only way.

The World has made immense progress due to application of scientific approaches involving truth, reason and free speech and application of the immensely successful scientific method involving the testing of potentially falsifible hypotheses. Yet in the scientifically and technologically most advanced First World societies we have the paradox of entrenched public dishonesty reflected in mainstream media LYING by omission and commission and SLYING (spin-based untruth or unsubstantiated assertions & hence sliars slying by telling slies) as in the FALSE pre-invasion Iraqi WMD claims. Mainstream media lying and slying over the Myth of Democracy is crucial to effective corporate oligarchic control of First World democracies in which Big Money heavily determines critical policy - and voting in elections typically dominated by increasingly indistinguishable major parties backed by Big Money oligarchs and media.

AN EXAMPLE of Gideon Polya's current concerns about lying and slying in free, ostensibly open, democratic societies is that global mainstream media in general will simply NOT report the latest UNICEF (2005) estimates of under-5 infant mortality in Occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.


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