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Gradsden Central Model Railway

Gradsden Central is a scenic British steam outline layout, based very vaguely in the Hertfordshire region of the UK, just north of London.


It is located in a shed which is approximately 17.5m long and 3.2m wide.

There is a double main line, in a folded dog-bone configuration, each track being approximately 60m long, plus a goods/suburban line with spurs and two goods yards, comprising about 90m of track.


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The original intention was to run just L.N.E.R. express steam trains on the main line, but as is often the case, the engines and passenger stock expanded to also allow for L.M.S. and Southern Rail steam trains.

As well as these steam options, a couple of modern HSTs of are also part of the express inventory.

A nine carriage steam train or a HST with seven mk3 coaches can be accommodated in the two main line stations, Hamilton and Gradsden Central.


The goods/suburban line remains purely L.N.E.R steam, plus some private owner engines, and runs short goods or two to four short coach suburban trains.


This site provides some pictures from around the layout, some picture of some of the trains that can be run, and links to YouTube videos that I have uploaded.


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