Who am I?

Or, as someone asked me once by e-mail, "Is this the gov. Of NEW MEXICO e-mail?" To which I can answer, no. I am not Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico. Instead, my website's former address is the fourth in the list when I ego-surf for "Gary Johnson" using www.google.com. Unfortunately, I'm not yet in wikipedia.

I'm the Gary Johnson who lives in Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland in Australia, who works as the Research Higher Degrees (RHD) Unit Coordinator at the University of Queensland's Saint Lucia campus, and who was a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland and spent two months at Cambridge in 1996. I'm the Gary Johnson who maintains the websites for the Queensland University Games Society and the Living Greyhawk region of Perrenland. I'm the Gary Johnson who married Bronwyn Walker on 30 June 2001, and who has a beautiful baby daughter, Vanessa Anne, as of 24 July 2006. You can see photos of our wedding and our baby at Bronwyn's website.

If these details aren't enough to confirm whether or not you know me, give up now and e-mail me: what follows is for complete strangers who want to know more about me for reasons best known to themselves.

I was born in Rockhampton in 1972 and grew up in Biloela. I moved to Brisbane after finishing high school to attend the University of Queensland, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours in 1993. I then spent three and a half years studying as a full-time PhD candidate and tutoring Introductory European History, until my scholarship ran out at the end of June, 1997. Since then, I've worked full-time in a number of positions at the University, mostly in central administration. I continued as a part-time PhD candidate for a year or so, but never finished the thesis and eventually withdrew.

My hobbies include gaming (roleplaying games and strategic boardgames), comics (mostly superheroes but also "slice-of-life") and history (particularly classical, medieval and religious). I find poetry and fiction (other than comics) interesting, but read such things infrequently at best. My favourite music includes punk, roll'n'roll, and musicals: I sing and play the piano reasonably well. Thanks to my studies, I can translate Latin and French with the help of a dictionary. I am a secular humanist and a sceptical athiest.

I met Bronwyn through our shared hobby, roleplaying games, and she takes part in the weekly superhero campaign I have been running for sixteen years. There's a significant amount of material on this website about my superhero campaign: of my various hobbies, things about roleplaying games dominate my website. That's partially because it's the nature of role-playing games to generate written records and partially because I use my website as a way of preserving things that I wouldn't want to lose if the apartment burns down (character designs, campaign history, my honours thesis, etc). There's other reasons, of course, such as getting the chance to share things I like or I made with others, but those two reasons are both signficant.

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